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In the field of loading and unloading BUL operates a number of daughter companies in the branches in the regions. In Palembang BUL has established PT BAHANA MUSI KARYA in July, 1999 with its business lines stevedoring, ship brokerage, cargodooring (Dutch term), receiving/delivery, loading and unloading direct to truck/barge and containers stuffing/stripping.

PT BAHANA SURAWANGI followed suit established in Surabaya on the 29th day of November 2000. In addition to support the activities of the ship MV. Trisakti property of BUL, the establishment of such company shall also be directed towards catching the loading and unloading business opportunity in the East Java region. To anticipate such target on February 12, 2001 PT Bahana Surawangi has opened its branch offices in Banyuwangi and Gresik.

Whereas in Samarinda branch was established PT BAHANA INTI MAHAKAM on the 19TH day of January 2001. In addition to serve facilities for BUL ships in particular in loading and unloading coal, this company also participates in competing in the loading and unloading business in the region of Samarinda.

The bright opportunity in loading and unloading business was also caught by Banjarmasin branch. Added by the demand of one package service rendered by shipowner and its cargoes, then was born PT BAHANA INTI BARITO (BIB) in February 2001. Likewise, there also had been encouragement to the births and establishements of PT BAHANA UTAMA MAKASAR (Makassar), PT BAHANA UTAMA ARTHA SAMUDERA (Panjang), PT BAHANA SURYA GUNUNGJATI (Cirebon), PT BAHANA PERKASA (Semarang), PT BAHANA KAPUAS MANDIRI (Pontianak), PT BAHANA ADHIJASA (Bitung), PT BAHANA GORONTALO MANDIRI (Gorontalo), PT BAHANA LAUT PERKASA (Jakarta), PT BAHANA MITRA BELAWAN (Medan) and PT BAHANA KRAKATAU SEJATI (Cilegon) with its main activities by giving integrated service of BUL/BUT to PT Krakatau Steel (KS) for door to door service of its products for domestic as well as domestic cargoes.

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