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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

Indonesia is a country consisting of many islands having different characteristic from one to the other. The western part of Indonesia is dominated by manufacturing and agriculture industry, while the central and eastern concentrates on mining and forestry. What relevant is, that density of population varies sharply. Having 17.000 islands and 80% of the total country area being sea water, Indonesia is an attractive place for business in sea transportation. The economical  growth in different places cannot but demand different types of good, of which the distribution require sea transportation. 

Sea transportation is definitely most important for distribution of product, including agricultural, mining, manufacturing and their supporting commodities. Certainly, a wide opportunity is open for shipping business and thereto related business. Moreover the government has given a wider opportunity by the issuance of the President Instruction number  5 / 2005, contain “ASAS CABOTAGE” which stipulates, that service sector in sea transportation participates actively in the nation economical growth. 

PT Bahana Utama Line (BUL), being national shipping company as a unit business of DWIMA GROUP, has provided for decades to serve by shipping business both nationally and internationally, liner and tramper, including its supporting activities in agency and stevedoring of reputable principals as its customer. As ordered by founder DWIMA GROUP the late Bapak Slamet Sarojo : “Our Participation In The Business World Is Basically The Realization of The DWIMA GROUP’s Philosophy : to be actively involved in our country’s struggle  for the welfare and prosperity of the Indonesian people”. 

Although we suffered from the last economical crisis, as ship owner we have been successful to properly maintain our business transportation until now. Beside putting on effort to adapt and improve our management in the sea transportation, we have also developed our business to support our core business in the form of the establishment of branches and sister companies in 18 locations. This is meant to provide service of agency and loading / unloading to national and foreign vessels. In our case providing quality service to customers is implementing God’s commandment.May Almight God give management member of BUL wisdom, and the Indonesian people His blessing. 

Kind regard,

Anom Laksono

President Director

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