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Welcome to Bahana Utama Line!

PT BAHANA UTAMA LINE (BUL) was established on July 15th, 1972. Its initial establishment was to support log exporting activities of DWIMA to Japan, Korea and Taiwan as well as to the far east countries.

Such Activities had made BUL highly professional in ships operating, that made BUL also entered into the business of agencies for tramper and liner carriers. By offering and upholding the operational works program “Quick Operating and Safe Handling” BUL has been entrusted by 10 foreign principals as their agent in Indonesia. In addition to being agent of those principals BUL has also been engaged in ship chartering and brokering as well.
After having been operating for several years in shipping business, where experiences as owner, operator and agent had served as its assets, BUL was entrusted further by being awarded a long term contract by PT PUPUK SRIWIDJAJA (PUSRI) to carry and deliver their bulk fertilizer.

Its experience in operating full container ships, BUL has succeeded in entering into cooperation  with Wan Hai Line and Yang Ming Line by serving their weekly cargoes from and to Indonesia and far east countries. Such experiences has led BUL to start its Container Service Agency by being Agent and Port/Marketing Agent for various container companies. As of 1995 BUL due to its last development provided NVO service to fill the cargo transportation needs to and from Indonesia. In this operation BUL is supported by 47 agents in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Supported by the professional manpower, BUL’s businesses have  been progressing very fast. Its subsidiary companies engaged in overland transporting, freight forwarding, warehousing and stevedoring. Business activities were borned, one followed by the other, despite the very unfavorable economic condition in Indonesia.
Every BUL’s success remaining in the shipping business that made a stronger belief to expand itself in the business field within the global era.

The weakening national economic condition had direct impact to the entire shipping industry businesses, not excluding the sea transportation, where the cargo volumes were decreasing, which caused the keener competition among the business in the related field.

Such a condition has made PT BAHANA UTAMA LINE (BUL) stronger aware of the its position when during its many years operation has undergone the necessary changes required to maintenance the competitive of the current new businesses in connection of the shipping industry, whereas at present it is mandatory to make adjustments. Without taking such steps it would be highly impossible that BUL will be able to carry out the message to be the best integrated multi moda transportation.

As the effort to face such a condition BUL has taken a measure which tended  to make it as a cargo owner. It was based upon the consideration that there shall be a comperative condition between the size of any shipping business and the armada owned by it. Investment in increasing the number of the ships, however, would certainly entail the risk vis a vis when there shall be uncertain volume of cargoes. To solve this uncertainty, in regard to cargoes volume can be exclusively made when BUL itself shall become cargo owner.

As the initial step to materialize such idea, BUL has built infrastructures at present by establishing a number of companies covering the overland transportation, freight forwarding, cargoes load and unloading, information technology and general trade. Those companies which would become suppliers of cargoes to BUL, in addition to the fact that they constitute as profit centers. On the other side by taking this step it will improve BUL competitive ability, generated from the integrated rendered service with competitive tariffs. Moreover where these companies will also operate throughout BUL branches in the region.

Only a measure will bear the consequence that BUL shall not exclusively on transportation, but on land transportation, freight forwarding, stevedoring, general trading, information technology, warehousing as well. By taking such step BUL will  become as major player in the integrated multi moda transportation.

To achieve such target a number of measures have been taken. The most fundamental one was the improvement of human resources quality through training as well as new manpower recruitment. In addition thereto, completion of the required facilities and infrastructure must be done. Quality service standard has been established as the work references for the entire branches. In view of the aforesaid, BUL has  succeeded  in achieving the ISM Code, ISPS Code and ISO 9001-2000.

The ideals have been set, the spirit has been fanned, even the steps have been taken, so that BUL has been more solid in facing the future with its vision : “ Sailing For The National Interest and Dignity ” company.