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In July of , the pest control company will come to their property and place bait boxes around the property. In October of , the first round of bait boxes will be removed. In May of , the second round of bait boxes will be placed on their property. In July of , the second round of bait boxes will be replaced with the third round of bait boxes. In October of , the third round of bait boxes will be removed. In July of , , and ticks will be collected from a random sample of properties. Participants do not have to be present when study personnel collect ticks from their property, but they can choose to be present if they would like.

The bait box consists of three components: Rodents mice and chipmunks that enter the box to feed or investigate are treated with fipronil as they come in contact with the applicator wick. This pesticide kills the ticks on the mice at that time, and any ticks that come into contact with the mice for the next several weeks. This tick control method interrupts the transmission cycle of Lyme disease. In this study, half of the homes will receive bait boxes with a wick containing fipronil, and half will receive bait boxes without the pesticide.

It is highly unlikely that the presence of the bait box on properties will increase the overall number of mice on participating properties.

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This is unlikely because rodents are very territorial. They stay in the same general area over the course of their life unless they are trapped or killed by predators. The bait boxes will not specifically attract non-target animals. Medium sized mammals including feral cats, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons that are passing through an area with bait boxes will investigate the boxes. Since the bait boxes are tamper resistant, they will find that they are unable to open the boxes and then usually leave them alone.

The chemical in this study used to control ticks is fipronil, which is the active ingredient in many of the popular topical flea and tick control products e. The concentration of fipronil in the bait boxes is 10 times less than that found in topical flea and tick control products used on household pets. The likelihood of coming into direct contact with the wick containing this low-concentration fipronil is very low, because it is encased in a child-resistant rodent bait box.

Fipronil is harmful if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or swallowed. Health effects from a brief exposure to fipronil depend on how someone is exposed to the chemical. Direct, short-term contact with skin can result in slight skin irritation. Signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to fipronil generally improve and clear up without treatment.

It takes very little pesticide to control ticks on a small rodent, and the pesticide used in the bait box is an extremely low dose pesticide. The concentration of fipronil on the wicks that the mice move through in the bait box is 0. The concentration of fipronil in the commonly used, veterinarian recommended, flea and tick control e. Therefore, the concentration of fipronil used in the bait boxes is 10 times less than the concentration found in commonly used topical flea and tick control products for household pets.

Eliminating the hosts is not practical. We have two boxes one stays in the area around the coop and compost bin. The other gets moved around the yard as needed.

Slide the wooden lid and a mouse pops up onto your fingers. A fun prank toy for kids of all ages. Surprise Snake Bite in Wooden Box Gag Gift Practical Joke Prank Toy $ Add to Cart. Sleepy Wakey Baby Girl Mouse in Box $ Add to Cart. Little Sister Pink Star Mouse in Box $ Little Brother Mouse in Box $

They work just as advertised, catching tons of mice. Since we first put them out in the early fall we have caught 20 plus mice most by the chicken coop.

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The other day we noticed a mouse in the garage so I brought one box in and placed it close to where we had seen the mouse. The next morning he was history! My year-old son built both of ours out of scrap we had laying around. We maybe spent two dollars each on the materials and that includes the hinges. It is a very simple and inexpensive solution to your mouse problems. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us that prefer non-chemical alternatives to pest control around our poultry and pets. I however have seen lots in the shed and garden.

We also live on a half acre lot, with pasture land across the street so field mice are the norm here. So this is perfect, best part, I think I have all the supplies I need to build them. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you just throw away the box when you have caught the mice or are you supposed to put your hand in the box and clear the box of the dead mice and reuse the box?

The Magical Mouse Box

Of course you reused the box. The ones we have are 7 years old now and just going strong. I fact you can reuse the traps too if you are okay getting rid of the mice. Not necessarily for catching mice, however we had to be creative in catch some raccoons without catch all the neighbors cats. We began baiting our traps with marshmallows.

What kind of traps are you baiting for raccoons? I can see why marshmallows would be tempting, with the resemblance to eggs, but what are you using for traps? We use a standard raccoon trap that we purchased from the feed store. It has a trap door on one side, with a pressure plate on the other. When then go across the plate, it triggers the door closed and they are trapped. We have caught lots of racoons and possums in these traps using cat food, which they love, but also several silly hens, who also love the cat food. I hot glue dog kibble to the trap. Nine times out of ten you get them with their mouth open on the kibble.

You would just need to make the box taller to allow for clearance for a larger trap. I have a trap I made from scrap plywood and a few odds and ends.

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Used all kids of bait … including none. Rats are curious and will go into the trap with no bait. Caught 25 rats last year. GeoAz — any chance you have a link to a picture or anything? Having trouble visualizing what you mean. Totally depends on the time of year.

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I keep one in my garden during the summer and get several during the year. Once the first mouse is caught in the trap at the entrance do the rest that follow just crawl over them?? Yep, there have been times when I have found 4 mice in the trap, more often just 2 at the entrances, but at the first of the season I will often have 3 or 4 mice at a time.


If there is nothing to eat, mice will be less likely to stay. Retrieved from " https: They will grab a mouse, small gopher, anything. Not Helpful 43 Helpful Build a shelter box in your garden to attract some onto your property. In this study, half of the homes will receive bait boxes with a wick containing fipronil, and half will receive bait boxes without the pesticide.

I have woods right behind our fence with several feral cats. We have dogs, goats, chickens, ducks………..

Our chickens have never bothered the lid. Chickens are such a great army against all vermin. My chicken yard is up against our large garden fence. I cut a chicken sized gate through and made a sliding wooden door to open or close it. When we figure the garden has about it we let what will grow go ahead and then let the chickens in. There were 8 large red hens. They ate that garden totally gone, nothing was left. All fall and winter and spring those hens would go in there and scratch and turn everything over and over.

I had a near bug clean garden. They destroyed anything that burrowed and all types of bugs were just gone.

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Those fat old hens sure did their job. I kept their feeder full in case bug city began to evacuate and it did, also a chicken will run off or kill a snake. They will grab a mouse, small gopher, anything. That really nice box. So our answer was a 5 gal bucket with lid we had laying around. We cut a hole in the center of the lid put 6 or 7 sunflower seed in the bucket.

Once in our co-op we got 8 nice in one night. Cut some holes in the corners, leave a small hole in the top so you can peek in. When you catch a mouse, throw the whole box away. No need to touch the mouse or the trap. Years ago my brother was in charge of mousing.

He buried a metal coffee can half way down, filled it about a quarter with water, then laid a light weight flat stick, like balsam or popsicle stick with peanut butter on the end over the can. When the mouse went up the stick to get the PB, its weight was too much for the stick so it flipped that end down so the mouse fell into the water and drowned. He was constantly balancing a new stick, always had drowned mice, and we never had a mouse problem in the house.

He just pulled up the can, dumped it out in the woods and put a bit more water in it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Cats Always Help Our first line of defense against mice in our house is Kiwi. How the magical mouse box works Mice love dark places with small entries. Location is important I put the magical mouse box anywhere we have a mouse problem.

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