Acting Your Dreams: Using Acting Techniques to Interpret your Dreams

Think of dream characters as actors chosen for the roles they play. Some are main actors, some are supporting actors, some are like movie extras used to set the scene. Most dream characters follow a script written in your unconscious mind, but some of them are completely autonomous and have a life of their own in the psyche.

Invisible Partners

Separate the actor from the role. In the same way, separate the person from the dream character based on them. Dreams can directly depict people you know, but more often the characters are projections of your inner world. And the way they are presented in a dream — appearance, dress, behavior, demeanor — is based on your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, desires, observations and so forth. Unlikely, but not impossible.

Dream Interpretation: Theatre

Your observations about a person can be spot on and take form in your dreams. You can even see things about people that are hidden or still to come in the future, such as a coming pregnancy or change of hairstyle. Usually, though, characterization is involved. Everything in your dreams is presented subjectively, not objectively. The dreaming mind translates all input into symbolism. What you see in a dream is a rendering of information, a translation, and at the core of it are essential truths and facts. How your dreaming mind presents everything to you depends largely on how you process information and see the world and yourself.

The type of dream experience you have also affects how information is rendered as dream imagery and sensation.

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The dream character is not the person who died and continues to exist in another reality. In other words, sometimes you really can communicate telepathically with the consciousness of people and other life forms in dreams, living in our physical reality or in another reality.

How Elizabeth began working with dreams?

Deceased Loved Ones in Dreams. I teach dream interpretation. Learn more about me at jmdebord. Dreams can give direct representations of people you know, presented objectively as dream characters.

Dream Friends

They also mention the close bond you formed out of your common experiences. The sister left home and has been out of touch, and for the sibling who had this dream the ghost represents her sister — or, more accurately, her perception that her sister is like a ghost in that her memory remains but her physical presence is gone. You might have someone in your life at the moment who is acting like a 'drama queen' and you feel you are participating in their 'act' right now. For example, compassion, listening, leadership and your philosophy of life work through your female energy. Wishful Thinking or Not? Another interpretation is that if the cast were acting out a scene that's familiar to your own situation, you are trying to make sense of it all and see it from everyone's point of view.

Direct representation means, when you look at the person in the dream, you see an objective representation or even the essence of the real person. Experiments in lucid dreaming prove that people can meet in dreams and pass accurate information.

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Precognitive dreaming about future events is a common experience. Shared dreaming is commonly accepted in cultures around the world and throughout history. In those sorts of dream landscapes, you can see people objectively, beamed into your dreamscape like a video chat. Dreams can and do mix reality with fiction, though, so there are no hard rules here. Instead, analyze the dream-story. You will learn to spot the subtle differences and obvious signs of the use of symbolism.

In my many experiences of dream phenomenon such as precognition and telepathy, the imagery is usually rendered symbolically. An important difference is made here between a portrayal and a characterization. The portrayal given by a dream character is based on reality to at least some extent. Like when Anthony Hopkins played Richard Nixon, he portrayed the person as a character in the movie.

Portrayals tend to connect more with dreams about outer life events and situations, whereas characterizations dramatize inner life. It can help you understand their role in the story, reverse engineer the dream and understand it through its mechanics. Africa , being the origin of the human species, is about getting to the root of an issue. This meaning does not hold if you are from Africa. An air vent symbolizes your respiratory system and is common in dreams of asthmatics. If smoke is getting into the air vent the dream is asking you to cut out smoking or remove yourself from smoking environments.

Airplanes being lofty, can indicate being up in your head or too logical with regard to how you go through life or with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Come down out of your head and let your heart have a say in decisions too. An airplane arrival or landing signifies your birth - your arrival onto the planet.

Agony Aunts

In many dreams you the dreamer or one of the characters dream and act it by saying out aloud, “You don't understand me!. In the last decade, dream work has spread into actors studios and Dream work grew largely out of Method acting, and it is now being taught.

An airplane crash signifies a difficult birth - one that was either emotionally traumatic or life threatening. A romantic partner may also arrive in a dream to mention the dreamer's need for love and intimacy. Minor characters, despite their cameo appearances in a dream, may bring a big message. Their message may be conveyed through some action or enactment in the dream. Their attitudes and their identities can be represented by the clothing they are wearing, an object they hold, or through the behavior they enact.

Dream Interpretation and Meaning | Dream characters | Dream Symbolism

For instance, a character's Victorian dress might suggest that he or she is expressing outdated values that suppress sexual expression. Or if a messenger in a dream appears in army fatigues, he may have arrived to recruit the dreamer to some social action, such as promoting peace. Many of the minor characters in dreams are really archetypes, imprinted characteristics conveying inherent psychological traits. Spiritual Advice Night dreams present an array of characters. Every character in a dream is important whether a villain or romantic partner.

Rather than viewing all characters as merely parts of your own personality, a better approach is to consider them messengers, reflections or complements. In this way, a dream can be more accurately interpreted.

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Dream Friends Our friends in life often make up for qualities we lack. Our dreams of friends reflect all these roles. Our friends sometimes appear in our dreams as representatives of different aspects of our personality, expressing attitudes and traits we either overly identify with or those we deny.

The Characters in Your Dreams

For instance, a best friend who is usually curt and opinionated may reflect your own opinionated self or they make up for the fact that you seldom express your likes and dislikes. By making a mental list of a friend's traits you can better understand the attitudes and qualities their character is reflecting back to you. Sometimes dreams are about our friends and not ourselves, revealing the inner life of someone we have grown close to. In this case, we have a window open into their soul and we can help them with the information we receive in our dreams.

Invisible Partners Dreamers often report being with a person whom they can't see, an illusive or invisible ghostly individual who stands or sits along side them in the dream.