CROCHET PATTERN PDF- Lacy flower hat - 5 sizes

Beautiful Crochet Flowers to crochet today

I love all your projects. I would like to receive the magazine to my e-mail. I want to make it but can not with out the pattern. I appreciate the help. I found the link… Are you referring to this website? I got all these nice yarns that are just for my eyes only before December. You see, we do not have these variety of yarns being sold here anywhere.

My problem now is what to make of them? I do not want to make dish cloth or something of that sort with them but I would like to make something wearable or something that matters. I have been scouring the net for projects worthy of these fine yarns.

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But alas I was not fortunate thus I am turning to you and hoping you can help me out. Any suggestion is still a suggestion. I would so much appreciated your ideas Mikey. I just feel stuck! I would like to buy a DVD with certain stitches or afghans. Can I still do this? I am new and slow. I love your way of explaining is very easy to follow, you are very talented ,will you be able to teach how to crochet oval shape rug with yarn.

God bless you Liz. Hi Mickey, I am looking for Red heart super saver yarn patterns.

Someone is going to buy it for me and I need to make colour choices. I love you and Diva Dan. Never change the way you are. Hello Mikey, I love your tutorials. My question, how to fix the wool when a project is finish. Do we iron or vapor? I really want to make the afghan that I saw Mary on Finding Amish make. Do you have that pattern or know where I can get it?

It is the Lacy Chevon afghan pattern. I hope this helps. Love love love the crochet crowd! I find projects that I would love to make but then I find the pattern is actually a knit pattern. Is there any information on how to convert the stitches to crochet stitches? Hi Mickey, I have learned so much from your tutorial videos, thanks. I need help on a project. I have no clue on how to make the hair part. Would you know or happen to have pattern for that? Below is the link for a picture.

Thanks in advance for any leads. Hi Mickey, love your work. But I would like instructions on a Christmas tree skirt the red and white one please. I was wanting to make some standard size pillow cases that have closable ends do you think you could create a pattern video. In your video of broomstick lace, i noticed you had a larger handle or thicker handle on your crochet hook…Q. I will get back to you.

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Hi there, I am follower of crochet crowd. I am looking for a cocooning cardigan style with sleeves. Would anyone help me. Thanks for your help. My daughter in law is making a mermaid slip on for a toddler. I cant find the pattern. Can someone please help me? Hi there, I am starting to crochet again and would like the free pattern for the red Nice wrap but cannot find it please assist me. I pressed publish instead of save by accident. Sorry for the inconvenience… It will be available soon. I really would like the written pattern.

I noticed many others asked for the written one too. Hai I am from India. I like the way you teach crochet lessons. While browsing videos, I come to know about filet crochet. I saw one of your video.

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Do you have any other videos on chart preparation for filet crochet or else any projects on it. I just found your site and it is fantastic. I love your tutorials. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into gathering and posting all this amazing information.

I am new to your site but enjoy it very much. It seems I end up here quite frequently. I was noticing the heart wreath and have tried to find the actual pattern and have not had any success. Could you please tell me how to get to the pattern. Hello…I love your tutorials. Hoping it will help as I really struggle…but I love watching the tutorials to make crocheted items. I am curious as to whether you have made the Bulky Poncho by VogueKnitting.

I bought the pattern hoping I could read it…actually started and am stuck. Would you consider doing a tutorial on this pattern? I could send it to you. I am stumped on the second row of the top. There does not seem to be enough stitches in that row to make the ripples fit together, they seem to be turning out lopsided. Can you or one of your minions check this out. They are there to help you out with patterns that are theirs.

This is a great addition to your site, which has become one of my favorites! I can only hope I live to be yrs old so I can get them all done! Keep up the crafty work…love you guys! I just did the project. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Reply Let me check into that. Reply The list of free patterns by category default to newest is shown first. Reply Is there a written pattern for the C2C X 4 square afghan?

Reply I am looking for a tutorial on a pillow made withBernat home dec pebble beach varigated yarn which I did not get the pattern name I think it is called loop chain. I seen it around the New Year holiday Reply The other day, a photo of a completed walker caddy was shared. Reply I think you will find that pattern on the Red Heart yarn website.

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Reply Mikey, you truly are a hooker at heart. Reply Your list of 31 fingerless gloves is not working.

Hey from Australia Reply Wow! Reply here ya go Scallop Top Reply Thank you! Reply can you make a pair of yoga socks Mike?

Crochet pixie hat pattern, newborn to adult sizes, #2244yt, (1610 videos)

Thank you Reply Go to google. Reply You can email inquiry thecrochetcrowd. Reply Hi Mikey, I am doing your chevron blanket with the bead stitch.

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Reply Hello Mikey, Thank you so much for the video of the yellow scalloped top! Reply I had trouble getting the right size. Reply Just wondering if you can do a video tutorial of this pattern? Reply Mikey is sponsored by Yarnspirations and would not be able to film a tutorial for a pattern from another company. Reply I think there is a tutorial for this pattern on the all crafts channel. Reply I have a question on the earthly tones octagonal throw.

Reply Here is the link http: Reply Has anyone ever made a Boho Circle sleeveless Vest before? Reply Is it all right to sell things I make from your patterns? Reply can we get an update on the hookers journal please?? Reply this was provided by a guest blogger. Reply How can I get the pattern for the afghan in the sampler series with fp dc and the fish scales.

Reply I am looking for a pattern that is for a Afghan my grandmother made for me. Karen Reply Sure, email it to inquiry thecrochetcrowd.

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Reply Mikey, What is the best way to join Tunisian panels? Reply Did I see that you or was it someone else? Reply Was curious about this also. Reply Hi i like all you stuff, where can i get the diagrams? Reply Mikey, I have watched your video on doing the mermaid blanket, tail, etc. They can be made with cotton yarn, wool, crochet cotton and even embroidery thread.

How To Crochet A Flower

Lots of different styles and patterns to choose from in this collection, many including nicely detailed instructions. Made with embroidery floss and a size 4 steel hook. Three pieces needed for each: Beads for the center. Two layers with a cheery center that can be embellished with a button optional , includes instructions for leaves that can be attached to back if you like. Features two layers and includes tips for embellishing the center found on this page with buttons, beads, etc.

Makes a large rose suitable for embellishing garments no finished size noted but a chain of 57 starts things off. Made with 8 ply wool, a 4mm hook and starts with a magic ring includes reference to tutorial. Center embellished with button optional. Made with fingering weight yarn for a delicate piece, a scalloped edge row is made then rolled into shape and held together with a few stitches. Attach to magnets if you like to make fridgies or make them into brooches, etc. Center is worked on top of finished piece.

How to knit an exciting texture pattern. How to knit a knot over 4 stitches. How to knit a knot over 3 stitches. How to work an extended treble crochet. How to knit broken moss stitch and the loop i. Crochet tip for fastening strands. How to start working chart A. How to knit a knot. How to crochet a strawberry.