Notorious (Racing History Book 4)

Barbie Libby has a secret. She was swimming near the Great Barrier Reef with a girlfriend when she was attacked by a shark, losing a leg from the knee down I think? The book wasn't really specific. Don't ask me which leg, neither. I don't even think the author knows for sure. Her fiance Ken , a fellow champion surfer, dumped her afterward and she has given up on love. So, what follows is what I like to call a toothless version of Days of Thunder, only no bad guy, no Robert Duvall and no race at the end.

The Fearless Maverick

Alex needs to race, she has to sign off, he spends the first half of the book trying to get into her pants and convince her to give him the ok to drive. He hears about her accident, she tells him she hasn't been in the water since and now we have the setup for some big sappy emotional moments.

Excuse me for a sec while I get up on my soapbox. Granted, I read this quickly. And yes, it's a Harlequin, much maligned by other romance readers, myself included. And, finally, it is a short book so there are definite limits to what the authors have to work with.

Man, this really has me hopping. I mean, really, if you want to have the heroine be from another culture you can't just take Barbie and colour her skin, give her henna tattoos and call it a day. India has a completely different culture folks , they aren't just exotic looking Brits. This book has a heroine who happens to be an amputee. An excellent idea, I thought at first. She would have empathy for her clients, understand elite athletes and exactly what is at stake when they are injured and help them deal with a career-ending injury. I thought it would bring a whole different angle to the romance - both from the perspective of the physical beauty of athletes and how they view themselves and as a woman.

It blows "OMG he'll see my cellulite" right out of the water, and I was interested to see how the author would deal with it. No mention of it. Once introduced as a gimmick to to give the heroine a secret and an injury to give her something in common with the Hero, it might as well have been a birthmark. No mention of how she deals with it, nothing about her prosthesis other than the fact that she has one.

Apparently she works, swims, sleeps and has sex with it on, too, because there is absolutely no mention of what happens to it when she does all of those things WHAT. Of course this begs the question, "But to an amputee it's just how life is, and part of us, and no big deal. But, the same as a Hero with sleep apnea who sleeps with a Darth Vader breathing mask, if you introduce it, you have to deal with it. In the case of this book, how does she run to the door in her nightie in the middle of the night? Does she put the prosthesis back on? She doesn't sleep in it, does she? Shouldn't she take it off before Hero carries her into the surf?

Aren't those things really expensive?

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Wouldn't it get wrecked? What about making love? What if you clunk him in the back with it when your knees are around your ears? Isn't it just easier to unstrap it when you take your pants off? Doesn't it get sore when you're on your feet all day? There's a lot of upkeep involved with an amputation, I've read. Oh, God, I'm ranting. Wallpaper race car driver, wallpaper amputee, generic plot, forgettable characters. A few tidbits about the rest of the siblings to maintain the continuity of the series, but otherwise completely skippable for anyone reading it.

I'm putting this series away for a bit. The first two books were so well done they were a surprise to me. Sadly, the next two were standard Harlequin fare, distinguishable from the stacks of Harleys I read when visiting my favourite Grandma 20 years ago only by their offensively wallpaper heroines.

Mostly because it managed to annoy me so badly. View all 4 comments. Alex is a famous race car driver aiming for his third World Championship title, when he has an accident on the track. The doctors won't let him drive unless he gets an okay from a physio therapist. His answer to that: That didn't go as planned. First Libby is not a kind of person accept bribes and won't do anything that could later on destroy his career.

And next to that he starts to fall for her. Throughout the book he treats her Alex is a famous race car driver aiming for his third World Championship title, when he has an accident on the track.

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An Irish immigrant, a collection agent for crime bosses, a professional boxer, and a to become one of the most important figures in the history of Thoroughbred racing. Edward L. Bowen, author of twenty books on Thoroughbred racing. The Notorious John Morrissey and millions of other books are available for Amazon . one of the most important figures in the history of Thoroughbred racing.

Throughout the book he treats her wonderfully, especially when they first make love. But then in the end he manages to screw up masterfully. I know that he has issues from his childhood, but it still bothered me. Libby knows what Alex is going through, she was a World Champion in surfing, when she had an accident that changed her life dramaticaly.

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The worst lesson she learned from that that some people, especially the men she was dating, won't stick to you if it gets tough. It takes time to start trusting Alex, but she couldn't resist him. When he more or less betrayed her she was suffering. If nothing else, Alex did manage to patch thing up between him and his twin Anabelle. But because of the ending that I didn't like: He because of lack of concentration and thinking about Jacob's return is involved in a car-crash and needs therapy.

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Our heroine Libby is a therapist but that's not all she is, she was a world-class surf champion with a champion fiancee when she had a terrible accident that My favorite quote: Our heroine Libby is a therapist but that's not all she is, she was a world-class surf champion with a champion fiancee when she had a terrible accident that ended her career and damaged her when it came to men. But she is happy in life and has moved on, if not found the courage to go back to water.

She is someone who stands up for herself and when Alex hurts her she walks away.

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Alex is a great hero, the most well-adjusted Wolfe. He understands why Jacob did what he had to do and feels guilt for what happened to his twin. He treats Libby wonderfully and opens up to her and tells her about his past, it is Libby who is more reluctant. The relationship progresses wonderfully. He does something stupid but when we see him think about it, it isn't really that. I loved this book, it so well done. The story begins with the hero Alex, a famous racing car driver, being involved in a crash after becoming distracted with his memories of his dark childhood, caused by learning about his eldest brother Jacob's return.

Due to an injury he is told he will not race for a while and will need physiotherapy treatment and sign off before his return. Alex's solution to get back to racing as quickly as possible is to find a [female] physiotherapist who will not be able to resist his charms, in the hope h The story begins with the hero Alex, a famous racing car driver, being involved in a crash after becoming distracted with his memories of his dark childhood, caused by learning about his eldest brother Jacob's return. Alex's solution to get back to racing as quickly as possible is to find a [female] physiotherapist who will not be able to resist his charms, in the hope he will be able to convince her to sign off his injury early.

Alex gets more than he bargained for when physio Libby, the heroine, turns up and refuses to dance to the beat of Alex's drum. Libby is an ex Pro Surfer, after losing her leg in an accident she took control of her life an retrained as a physiotherapist and specialises in sports injuries.

She still hasn't fully come to terms with her accident and finds it difficult to trust. Libby can see exactly what Alex is trying to do and doesn't back down, they begin to develop feelings for one another as they open up to each other. This book is in a different setting that the previous ones, it's set in Sydney.

I really liked the change of scenery, which was described beautifully. Libby was a great female character, she had the perfect mix of honesty and inner hurts, both written flawlessly. It was also a refreshing change to have a disabled female character, as well as very brave, and once again this was written beautifully and with sensitivity, the accident that caused Libby to lose her leg was shocking, I actually gasped out loud! I had a bit of an up and down relationship with Alex, I started off not liking him but I grew to like him as the story progressed, he was certainly complex and this was very entertaining to read.

One of the things I liked most about this book was the development of the relationship, it was built over a period of time and the characters feelings were able to develop in a way that felt very believable. Originally posted at http: There are altogether eight volume in this series which track the lives of a powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandals never sleep, The Notorious Wolfes. Dare-Devil, bad boy, Alex Wolfe lives for the thrill and excitement of racing and winning.

But unfortunately this is all threatened when he is injured during a race and must take some time off to recuperate.

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Unwilling to admit defeat Alex will to do anything to get back to the world of racing, even if it means seducing his Physiotherapist Libby Henderson. Unable to pursue her dreams any longer, Libby has now devoted her career to helping elite athletes get back into shape to pursue theirs. But will Libby be able abandon her professional veneer and let Alex see the insecurities that lurk within and will Alex be able to stop running from his past and hiding behind his cars long enough to trust Libby?

I would definitely like to read the other stories in this series as the Wolfe Dynasty turned out to be so interesting with hidden pasts and skeletons in their closets! Robyn Grady has always written books that enthralls her readers. Fearless Maverick is no exception with characters that leap of the page and holds you captivated. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Inside the John Walker Spy Ring. Product details File Size: September 2, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Living in Israel I am surrounded by the hype of Pollard as some kind of altruistic hero to the Jewish people for his selfless act of turning over classified documents to the beleaguered Israeli government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ronald Olive tells the story in clear detail, with no real axe to grind. Noted in the book is Pollard's greed - his diamond engagement ring to his first wife Anne is a case in point. As for Pollard's motives - he tried to sell secrets to an Australian naval officer attached to their embassy, who was so unnerved thinking Pollard to be perpetrating a CIA sting that he immediately reported his encounter to his embassy superiors, who immediately transferred him out of the States!

It's a great read that further solidifies in my mind the axiom "You do the crime, you do the time". According to Wikipedia, Pollard is due for release in November I am NOT looking forward to the ticker tape parade this self-serving narcissist will be getting when he arrives here in Israel. As with all stories about catching spies, you really have to take the narrative presented by Ronald Olive with a grain of salt.

Security services are motivated not to give away too much inside information when telling the story of counter-espionage victories. The key piece a reader wants to know more than anything else, namely how the spy was discovered, is usually a well-crafted dissimulation. Olive gives that piece to the reader, warts and all. The book covers important information in understanding this major chapter in the history of espionage. The shortfalls in the book amount mostly to stylistic criticisms, but also to choices of voice.

The FBI had primary jurisdiction. That may not have been a choice available to Olive, but the effect is the same. Nevertheless, the story is well worth reading, especially given the information that Pollard may be paroled in late because of the sentencing rules at the time, regardless of his druthers. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is a great teaching tool for anyone with the authority to hire within a bureaucracy, whether in the government or private sector. I am not surprised that this idiot did what he did.

This mess is on Pollards managers all the way up the chain. If you hire an idiot, he will in turn hire more idiots. I was present at one of the author's presentations, bought his book, and finally cracked it open yesterday, fully expecting a ripping yarn given Mr. House of Representatives and two terms in the New York Senate. The Notorious John Morrissey shows how much historical scholarship can benefit from crisp editing and a shorter, rather than a longer, accounting.

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Nicholson explores the improbable life of the man who brought Thoroughbred racing back to prominence in the United States. Throughout, Olive takes time to praise his colleagues and his junior staff, the kind of young agents that too many bosses would steal credit from. Oct 01, Tonya Warner rated it really liked it. Man, this really has me hopping. I am excited to read Annabelle and Jacob's stories.

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