The True Gospel

Millions believe that He came as their Savior and now lives eternally as their soon-coming King, while rejecting the very message He brought to save them! Where did Christ's message originate?

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Jesus spoke only what His Father in heaven told Him to speak! The gospel of God, the gospel of Jesus and the gospel of the Kingdom are the same gospel! It originated in God, was proclaimed by His Son and tells of the coming rule of God and our part in it! What is "the gospel of grace"? In these verses, Paul is speaking to the elders of the church in Ephesus about his ministry. He explains that his ministry had testified "to the gospel of the grace of God. The Kingdom of God see Acts God's wonderful offer of grace and salvation is also part of the gospel of the Kingdom!

Is the church the Kingdom of God? While Christians await the establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth at the return of Jesus Christ , they are considered by God to be spiritually a part of His Kingdom. Having voluntarily placed themselves under Christ's rule, they are said to have their citizenship in heaven Philippians 3: As members of Christ's body, they are "in Christ" Romans 8: However, Christians have not yet inherited the Kingdom in its fullness, an event that will not happen until they are resurrected and glorified at Christ's coming I Corinthians In addition, their being "in Christ" does not preclude their falling away from Him in the future Hebrews 6: Is the Kingdom of God "within you"?

This sadly mistranslated verse has led many sincere people astray. Even more discouraging, there exists one overwhelmingly pervasive problem in the continent of Africa which casts its great black shadow of death over both present and unborn African generations—AIDS. This picture becomes even more horrific considering that 90 percent of these carriers of the disease do not know they are infected. Equal numbers of men and women are infected. Yet, the most worrisome findings reveal that HIV on this continent has hit children harder than in any other place on earth.

Almost nine out of ten children in the world who are infected with HIV live in Africa. Africa is creating its own brain-drain, as statistics indicate that AIDS primarily affects the most upwardly mobile members of society. The disease will result in 10 million children being orphaned within the next four years. The UN has issued a warning that Africa could, within less than a generation, become a continent of orphans. The gains in life expectancy made in African countries dependent on Western pharmaceutical drugs have paradoxically been wiped out by a virus for which medicine has failed to find a preventive barrier.

Post-AIDS life expectancy has plummeted to Her colonial benefactors may not have been perfect overlords. As an experiment in democracy, Africa has failed abysmally. Africa has been destroyed largely by one-man rule, badly, often horrifyingly administered.


Answer: The true gospel is the good news that God saves sinners. Man is by nature sinful and separated from God with no hope of remedying that situation. As strange as it may seem, today's churches have lost the true gospel that Jesus preached.

Further, prophecies indicate that there will be a new era of re-colonization of the gentile nations by biblical Israel Isa. They will teach proper one-man rule, under the supreme Head of perfect government, administered by Jesus Christ, as Head of state and Head of religion—both King and High Priest. Authority will be delegated via a pyramidal hierarchy of future king-priests.

The wild game of Africa will reproduce plentifully. Even the aggression of the lion will be tamed v.

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There will be peace, harmony, unity among clans and tribes v. The contented populace of this great continent will celebrate with joyful festivity in an annual rejoicing over the perfect form of government to which it will be their privilege to subscribe Zech. Sound like a dream? Its inevitability is underwritten by the more sure word of prophecy of the one who created both man and his living environment II Pet.

V ery few have ever realized that Jesus Christ came as a news man—reporting news for the future. He spoke of 20th-century world conditions—and world government to come. The world has misunderstood, perverted, maligned His unique message. He said the violence would explode into a world trouble so great, that unless God intervened, no human would remain alive. Yet, He promised, the all-powerful God would intervene supernaturally to cut short this world chaos Matt. No book has so great a sale as the Holy Bible. No book ever was so misunderstood, maligned, distorted, misrepresented.

Those who profess to use it as the source of their religion promulgate doctrines diametrically opposite from its teachings. They quote or misquote only a fraction of its verses. Few know that a whole third, approximately, of that book is devoted to future news of world happenings. News about various governments. News of the now soon-coming peaceful and happy world tomorrow— on through century There will be a happy world tomorrow. Mortal humans do have a stern lesson to learn first. Human bungling will bring accelerated world trouble before God-ignoring humanity will be willing to learn.

But we shall learn! The Kingdom of God is, simply, the world-ruling government of God. It is soon coming! And Jesus Christ was born to be the King of that world government Luke 1: As General Douglas MacArthur promised the Filipinos he would return, so Jesus promised His disciples He would return—and now, soon, to rule the whole earth!

B iological, chemical and nuclear warfare is a nightmare just waiting for a delivery system. China, too, is handing out ammunition to the madmen of the world by continuing its negotiations to sell important missile technology to Iran and Libya. In spite of a agreement not to sell such dangerous technology, Chinese leaders apparently feel fully justified in their actions. The Middle East is a veritable tinderbox of doomsday arsenals. According to arms-control experts, there are at least 25 countries from the steppes of Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea which now have or are developing weapons of mass destruction.

The real fear about spreading missile technology is not the missiles themselves, but the deadly cargo they can carry. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, over 30, nuclear weapons, plus weapons-grade uranium and plutonium sufficient to make an additional , weapons, became accessible to terrorist nations. Today, becoming a nuclear power is more a matter of the pocketbook than the brain. The materials and the expertise can already be found in the marketplace—all it takes is money—and there is no way to undo the knowledge of how to make these nightmarish weapons.

One of the lessons being written with the blood of human misery is that there is always a market for the technology of death—no matter how much human suffering it causes. Likewise, chemical and biological agents are easy and cheap to manufacture and can kill people by the hundreds of thousands.

Recipes for biological weapons can be found on the Internet. Has their twisted malice taken them beyond all human sensibilities and turned them into vicious animals? One of the deadliest chemical agents is a poison called VX. One tiny drop of the liquid form of VX absorbed through the skin causes nausea, convulsions and seizures, killing victims within minutes as they gasp helplessly for air because of paralyzed chest muscles. Iraq used sarin in its war with Iran in the s as well as on unsuspecting and unprotected Kurds and Marsh Arabs in March , massacring 4, Like all nerve gases, sarin suffocates by paralyzing respiratory muscles and can result in death within 15 minutes.

Mustard gas, which is easy to manufacture, was also used by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. The horrors of mustard gas and its gruesome cousin, chlorine gas, were first introduced to humanity during World War I. Exposure to mustard gas immediately causes severe eye and lung damage, as well as serious skin blistering, and is lethal in large doses.

Novichok is designed to be absorbed directly through the skin and is up to ten times more toxic in humans than VX. A microscopic amount can kill. In lethal doses, Novichok shuts down the nervous system and causes paralysis, killing much like a pesticide kills an insect. But even in sub-lethal concentration, the effects are devastating, causing immediate choking and collapse. Botulinum is one of the most deadly biological agents known to science—15, times as powerful as VX nerve gas and , times worse than sarin.

This extremely lethal toxin, derived from the bacteria which causes botulism a severe form of food poisoning , likewise paralyzes the respiratory muscles and suffocates its victims within 12 to 36 hours. Anthrax spores are a powerful biological poison produced by animal bacteria which can be spread through the air, and cause black pustules, vomiting, fever, pneumonia, septic shock, meningitis and death by suffocation within two to four days. A gram of anthrax culture contains a trillion spores, theoretically enough to kill million people.

Ricin is a potent biological agent derived from the castor bean which can be spread by aerosol or in liquid form.

Ricin causes blood poisoning and leads to heart failure, or worse, a collapse of the circulatory system, causing a slow, agonizing death. There is no antidote. Even without a missile delivery system, chemical and biological weapons are a major threat wherever there are people. By putting a chemical or biological mixture into a paint sprayer powered by an air compressor,. An office building could become a virtual coffin for hundreds of people simply by slipping a toxic agent into air ducts and letting the fans distribute the airborne death to unsuspecting workers who, within minutes, will be writhing and dying in agony.

Thermal radiation heat and light results from the fireball that forms when huge amounts of thermal energy superheat the air surrounding the detonation. Two pulses [of energy] are emitted.

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The second pulse inflicts skin burns so grotesque that a Hiroshima survivor, Dr. Michihiko Hachiya, reported patients with facial features melted together. The shock wave also brings severe compression overpressure. In many cases, this overpressure squashes the body, causing organs to hemorrhage and rupture. Initial and residual nuclear radiation deal the final dose of death, entering the body by inhalation, ingestion and absorption.

Its effects are found in destroyed bone marrow, collapsed lungs, gastro-intestinal damage, cell mutations and tissue ionization. In [tissue ionization]…, naturally occurring water and salt in the body ionize chemically alter and may form into a compound called sodium hydroxide…a substance similar to toilet-bowl cleaner. But that is the reality of nuclear weaponry. Do the leaders of India and Pakistan really comprehend what they are doing? Do those selling weapons of mass destruction truly understand the hideous effects of their merchandise? If they do understand what they risk unleashing on humanity, then truly they must be madmen who will take their places right alongside Adolf Hitler, Stalin and every other mass murderer in history!

The possibilities for mass destruction are almost endless if people are of such a mind. And where does that mind come from? God revealed to the late Herbert W. Satan is filled with wrath because there is only a short time remaining in the 6, years of this present age of human misrule in which he has reigned supreme on the earth John Soon the returning Jesus Christ will dethrone Satan Rev. In the meantime, however, mankind must learn to see clearly who and what we have so horribly become under the wretched influence of Satan. One of the last times Germany and Russia colluded, the result was 7 million Ukrainians starving to death, German democracy collapsing, and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Fortified by its high-tech military bases and surrounded by water for good natural defense, Cyprus has long enjoyed the favors of NATO and the British, Turks and Greeks. But now the island is forming a new alliance with the European Union. Cyprus is no stranger to foreign rule. It has been governed by Assyria, Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Francs, the Venetians, the Ottoman Empire and Britain; it is now divided between the Turkish Cypriots to the north, who possess 37 percent of the island, and the Greek Cypriots to the south 63 percent.

The historical division of Cyprus between the Turks and Greeks came to a head in , when Turkey annexed the northern third of the island. Today we see foreign ministers, ambassadors and presidential envoys jet-setting to Cyprus to present their latest peace proposals to the opposing sides. All major world players are involved in the Cyprus crisis: Why so much interest in Cyprus? What is behind all of the tension, nationalistic rhetoric and negotiations?

What does the future hold for this tiny Mediterranean island? To understand the events of today, it is necessary to return to the history of Jerusalem and the Crusades. For Saladdin and the fanatical Moslems, Jerusalem was their holy place, their home. The French king of Jerusalem, Guy de Lusignan, was greatly disliked by the crusaders and was unable to exercise any tangible control over the region. The passionate Moslem forces attacked this weakness. In , on the scorching, sandy plains of Hittin, Guy de Lusignan and his army were crushed.

After a two-week siege, Jerusalem was taken by the Moslems. The fall of Jerusalem sent shock waves throughout Christendom. The three great monarchies of Europe at that time, England, France and Germany, were now forced to bury their rivalries for one common goal—the recapture of Jerusalem.

To meet their objectives in this crusade historians label it the Third Crusade , they needed a base of operations off the coast of Palestine. They decided that their united forces must take the city of Acre in Israel. In , they set sail from Sicily, where they had spent the winter. Three of his ships were driven near the shores of Cyprus where they sank. Surveying the scene of tragedy, Richard immediately landed his crew and attacked the natives on shore. The islanders were ill-equipped and no match for the English archers and armored knights.

The next day, the Cypriot nobles sought audience with Richard, pledging their allegiance to the King of England and accepting his supreme authority over their strategic island outpost. Ruling powers in Cyprus have since realized that holding the island is essential to exerting influence in the eastern Mediterranean.

The British, who governed the island from to , and who oversaw its independence, currently manage two military bases in southern Cyprus. These bases proved vital in the Gulf War, as they supplied British and allied forces in the Persian Gulf. Europe has expressed further interest in the two-year-old Cypriot Stock Exchange, with many companies establishing financial portfolios and substantial investments.

Also, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for residents of the European nation team. Cyprus, of recent years, looks more to the EU for its security. Cypriots see no choice but to embrace membership in the EU as soon as possible. Many feel this the only way to national security and a solution to the Cyprus problem. Since Cyprus is a Christian country surrounded mostly by Islam in the Middle East, a union with Europe would provide the protection they have been eagerly searching for. In the past, Greek Cypriots have been disillusioned with the efforts of Britain, the U.

The turn in focus to the EU has been dramatic in the last couple of years. British Prime Minister Tony Blair stated recently that he is willing to give up British military bases in Cyprus in favor of a multinational force. There are great parallels between Bosnia, Albania, Cyprus and Israel.

These areas of great ethnic conflict are increasingly coming under the guiding influence of Europe. Europe needs Cyprus for its strategic locality and is playing its cards close to its chest to ensure its integration into the Euro family. Because of common ethnic and religious history, there is a blind love of EU-member Greece among many Greek Cypriots, in spite of the military junta backing the coup of which led to the invasion from Turkey.

The bond in the hearts of Greek Cypriots with mother Greece eclipses the reality of the ineffectiveness of Greece to bring about a solution for the island. Already there are European troops in Cyprus under the auspices of UN peacekeeping forces.

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As the EU moves more into Eastern Europe and the Balkans, repeating the history of the old Holy Roman Empire, it would seem inevitable, given the facts of Bible prophecy, that they will draw Cyprus into their fold as a bridge into the Holy Land. Previous editions of The Trumpet have pointed to mounting tensions over Cyprus.

First we highlighted certain key factors to watch as the year unfolded: Turkey has declared that this would mean war. Greece has declared that it will come to the aid of Cyprus in the event of any aggressive action by Turkey. Since , the Turks have sought closer ties with Europe. They believe that their long history as power player in Europe, their post-World War II track record as a cooperative NATO member and their vibrant economy entitle them to better treatment by the Europeans.

Turks were furious when the Europeans accepted Greece but rejected their bid for EU membership. The EU cited these reasons for rejecting Turkey: Recently the Union has begun dialogue with the Greek Cypriot administration and, so doing, ignited the tension further. Cem called upon the EU to evaluate its future moves carefully before aiding in the architecture of another war on the island.

They cite anti-Turkish discrimination in Germany, home to 2. Earlier this year, U. With Turkey as a vital ally of the United States and an active member of NATO, and with its faltering relations with the European Union, many observers fear that Ankara will begin to turn from its Western alliances. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has courted its wayward Orthodox children in Cyprus.

Have You Heard the True Gospel?

This was in recognition of his services and understanding while leading the delegation of the Joint Constitutional Commission of Roman Catholic religious groups in Cyprus. This clear show of support from the Vatican did not go unnoticed by the Muslim Turks. They well remember the period in Cyprus when the Pope ensured religious dominance of the island by the Vatican.

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There is no antidote. The British colonial countries of Africa developed multifarious local tribal systems into thriving, productive economies of world standard. The nations in and around the Holy Land, for the most part, are Islamic. Authority will be delegated via a pyramidal hierarchy of future king-priests. And God's way of life is defined by His commandments Matthew She betrayed her father and gave her full support to her new husband, the king of Egypt.

The Greek Cypriot President has stated that the missiles are purely for defensive purposes—however, the Ss provide a modern, mobile, highly lethal system capable of intercepting any kind of aircraft, cruise missile or tactical ballistic missile. Covering both low- and high-altitude engagements, the missile has a range of km. It not only will cover all of Cyprus, but also important areas of Turkey where major military installations are located.

NATO believes that its enlargement is the key to security in the area. This chain of events will no doubt please the Russians, who are already opposed to any further expansion of NATO. The inevitable addition of Russian personnel to install, train and assist in the operation of the S system has made Western sources edgy. As a countermeasure, Turkey has begun inspecting ships sailing in the Bosporus Straits, apparently bent on preventing missile deployment.

If unsuccessful here, it has also threatened to attack the missiles once they are installed. As a part of the expansion of Russian business interests, thousands of off-shore companies have registered in Cyprus, and many more thousands of Russians have taken up residence on the island. I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: And [Paul] went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for three months, reasoning and persuading concerning the things of the kingdom of God.

And indeed, now I know that you all, among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God , will see my face no more. So when they had appointed him a day, many came to him at his lodging, to whom he explained and solemnly testified of the kingdom of God , persuading them concerning Jesus from both the Law of Moses and the Prophets, from morning till evening.

Is that a false gospel? For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: The message of the Christian gospel over the past fifty years has increasingly emphasized the access door to the kingdom instead of what is behind the door. Christian evangelists and missionaries have worked so hard at marketing the entrance that it has itself become the gospel.

But He paid the penalty in our stead, the Innocent for the guilty, so that we can receive forgiveness. But most people stop at verse 4 or 8. They should keep reading until the end of the chapter:. Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death… Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God ; nor does corruption inherit incorruption.

Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed — in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. The gospel did not change after the three-and-a-half year ministry of Christ, and He prophesied that the same original gospel will be proclaimed at the very end, before He comes again.

He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. The only one He authorized. This is not some small, inconsequential matter. Our eternity is literally at stake. Get the best insights, background information, and understanding about God, the Bible, and true Christianity — without the lies, noise, and fluff.

Were you referring to entering the earthly, millennial, messianic kingdom? Thanks for your question, Mr. The exact nature of the kingdom of God will be the subject of the next article in this series. More importantly, he meant entry into the spiritual and eternal Family of God, composed of divine, immortal spirit beings. At the last trumpet, the dead in Christ will be resurrected while those Christians who are alive will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye from mortal to immortal — from corruptible flesh and blood to incorruptible spirit. Thank you very much for the clarification.

Believing in Yahshua or Jesus by faith is certainly part of the gospel.