Frally Hynes feat. Asdru Sierra - Broken Town (feat. Asdru Sierra) Lyrics

Tight synth lines draped in retro '80s glory.

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Broken Town by Futura Synk. D83 Definitely the most emotional Synthwave Album I've ever heard. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

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  2. Broken Town (Gotham Promo Version).
  3. Memories of my life and travels.

Purchasable with gift card. On The Viewpoint Tears Like Rain They Will Never Be Lovers Do You Remember I Never Wanted It Ashes of Happiness If It Rains There wasn't a single bird that chirped, people bustling around in town, or even the stray dogs that once wandered those streets. The occasional tourist teetered on the edge of the town borders every once and awhile, camera in hand to snap a picture of the young boy who still lived in the haunted town. Some said he had lived there for centuries, others said he was born from a killer. Though, that wasn't true at all.

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In fact, his mother still lived with him. His father, the dog, and even his older sister. The townsfolk bustled around, the stray dogs whisked in and out of vendors' legs trying to get a meal. They were all alive.

Broken Town - Frally Hynes ft Asdru Sierra

The life he knew never left him, everything about the life he lived was a lie. He didn't remember anything, nothing but the life before. The life where everyone was alive, where the town was bustling with new people.

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Pictures were taken of him walking out the door smiling and laughing with a person who no longer existed, taking something from someone who wasn't there, feeding a bit of food to an animal that was never there. It fascinated people to no end how this young boy went on when no one else he knew was ever there.

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But, no one understood this life he lived. All very much alive. People of the past, ghosts of the present. That's all they understood, that's all they were willing to understand. The young boy heard a knock on his door, the creaking as it opened to reveal his mother and pet dog.

Broken Town

Biscuit wasn't a friendly dog, always choosing to follow his mother around. It was, after all, his mother that saved him from the strays. His name wasn't anything clever, just a generic name the young boy came up with. His mother wasn't one for talking, choosing to blow gently on his face until he awoke.

Broken Town (feat. Asdru Sierra)

Sometimes, he would hear her call his name. It always seemed a little distant, sometimes a bit strangled. No, he didn't like when she called his name.

She didn't talk, and he liked it that way. The young boy rose from bed, carefully making the bed as his mother and Biscuit went to wake up his sister and greet his father. Throwing on his school uniform, he headed to the conjoining bathroom to brush up his appearance.

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Broken Town by Futura Synk, released 15 May 1. Road Trip 2. Sunflowers 3. On The Viewpoint 4. Shooting Stars 5. Tears Like Rain 6. Broken Town by Geometric Lullaby, released 10 September

His mother would always shake her head at the messes he made, she loved to clean. The smell of breakfast had him speeding down the hallway, wanting nothing more than to engulf it. Or browse results titled:. Retro Promenade Austin, Texas. Streaming and Download help. If you like Broken Town, you may also like:. Pure genius at work here.

Broken Town

Every track pounds you through floor, wall, or ceiling; depending on your perspective. Some of the percussion on Tainted Empire is straight metal, and your eyes will bug out in surprise. Let's check his other albums. Starfighter by Night Runner. Just a superb album, oof. Nice and smooth tracks. Double Line by Dragon Inn 3.