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9. Bar-tailed godwit - 20,000 feet

An eagle named Darshan launched into flight yesterday (Mar. 14) from the top of the world's tallest building, Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower, with a. A2A Eagles fly to feet high at about 65 mph. They can glide for hours without rest on warm updrafts of air. With their acute vision, they are able to .

Broken and beaten, I surrendered to Jesus. The speaker at the retreat said what you described of eagles in the storm based on this verse:. Thank you for the follow.

9 birds that set records for their amazing flights

And I soared to the top of a wall. Very informative Like Liked by 1 person. We are very thrilled to have you on board. For centuries, eagles have been considered sacred by many cultures. With their acute vision, they are able to spot prey a mile down below. The white stork is one of the highest flying birds in the world and can achieve altitudes of 4, meters 16, feet while migrating. Of course this page gave me new thing that will encourage me in my life.

Like Liked by 4 people. Like Liked by 1 person. I did too when I was about 7.

How Fast Can an Eagle Fly?

I flew around the bedroom. Later as teens, my little brother told me he also flew around the room. Bald Eagle in mid-air flight… pgcps mess - Reform Sasscer without delay. Like Liked by 2 people. I always checked on more than one website and with other media because on the Internet they often copy each other so we need to be careful what we believe.

Reblogged this on mermaidcamp and commented: Haiku — Eagle Books, Movies, Poetry. In the face of harmful aspect, silence cannot be golden. Help Change The World. I think this will stay with me for some time. Powerful insight from the lifestyle of an eagle. Eagle does not eat left over or crumbs. Great article and wonderful pictures I enjoyed it very much. PS thank you for visiting my poetry site.

I have also launched a second site which will now appear if you drop down the menu on the left-hand side of my homepage and choose blog.. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Thanks Alex for following our blog and for your feedback. We look forward to visiting your blogs. Fantastic post and wonderful photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I came to see yours!

Our aim is to change our county and the world. We are very thrilled to have you on board. Amazing powerful yet elegant birds great photos.

Thank you so much for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Nice to meet you. This article has blown my mind how eagles are a perfect creation of God and a model of leadership. I love this piece! Thank you for following my blog. By the way, we face our own greed issues here.

Highest Flying Birds

On my way to normal hustle….. I was discouraged n almost lost hope not until I heard about these amazing facts about the eagles…… I feel so powered n regained my full strength…. Stay empowered and look towards the future with confidence. The story about eagles has helped me alot. I had challenges in life but am helped. God help me for am Your. I am a widow: Many people can look to this American symbol of power, freedom and grace under pressure. Life is a gift and can be beautiful if we choose to live and soar as the eagle. Rances Cherry Hill, NJ. I am a university professor, and when the class is starting to get a bit listless…I talk about the characteristics of the eagle; importantly, I tell them to go online and check facts on the 7 Highly Effective Habits of the Eagle.

Then, without fail, with renewed energy, the class listens intently, smiles at some points, and paraphrases so beautifully their understanding of the noble and wise ways of the eagle. At Widener University in Chester, PA my day students and at the University of Pennsylvania evening students where I teach Research and Composition to nurses, I get the most exhilarating responses about the eagle and its instinctively noble ways that correspond to human life. The eagle is my inspiration and my guide in life whenever life gets so discouraging, defeating, and difficult. I like that method you improvised in your class.

After I read this article,I was inspired to write a poem on it. You can click on this blog to view it. Please give me response after you have done it through my email.

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Thanks in anticipation Dr. Thanks in anticipation My Professor. Eagles riding on storms took my heart to Jesus walking on the sea. To me , this means no matter the challenges we face, we should always ride upon it to our destination. Thank you once again for the info. While reading this, I gained fascination and inspiration, with yet, another creature to study and learn about.

The way this article has been presented, has been interesting, informative, and, inspirational the way the author made reference, to God and bible scripture. There is scripture in the bible that I love very much: It is because if these chapters in the bible that prompted me to research up on the eagle and hence came upon this article. It is beautifully written and gave me all the information of the eagle that I desired to know. Limitless - Boomerang Business Project. Beautiful bird, beautiful characteristics, beautiful lessons from it to learn and share.

I love that bird. God abundantly bless you! I think this will resin ate with my soul forever …it brings tears to my eyes that these Noble c Birds are.. God Bless The Eagle. This is a nice article! Glad I had a chance to drop by and see it.

7 Principles of an Eagle

And thank you for following my blog-I greatly appreciate it! This is awesome I have enjoyed the habits of the eagle on this site. For real and for sure God is awesome. I remember few days ago I was at church then our Bishop was teaching how young men to live like an Eagle lives. As we see in Isaiah Of course this page gave me new thing that will encourage me in my life. I thank my God for giving understanding of English language. As leaders, we have to give godly xample. This has giving more motivation and to be dedicated to whatever it is God has for me.

May you be used in this Endtimes to decrease the populaiom of Hell and increase the populatuon of Heaven. Limitless - Robin Aldrich. Sunday Devotion — Fearless. I learnt alot from this article. It gave me inspiration which made me to write a poem on it.

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Click on this blog to get the poem Adedotun Adedoyin. Thanks a lot, this is so wonderful. I want you to please make some comparisons between the Ravens and the Eagles. I was blessed and will be returning to read again. A mother in Albania is like an eagle. I thank you very,very,very much for this article!

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I believed every thing about their habits. Reblogged this on heathersplaceblog. I was looking for some information about eagles as a basis for reflection on Isaiah Very inspiring as you related science in the light of faith. I will include a link of your post as my reference. Hoping more get to read your post. This will also stay with me for a long time something to remember and to reflect and to appreciate.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this to research and to share you are amazing. Henceforth, I shall soar on wings like eagles with renewed strength from the Lord Isaiah Wow…thank you for this lovely post. The theme for the year for me is soaring higher. Pastor Sam talked about the characteristics of the eagle. I decided to read more on my own.

This piece has really helped. Please can i share this awesome post. Though I'm trying to figure out how to be more like the Octopus and have eight arms to work with, for now I only have two. This means I can only respond as time allows. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror! I witnessed, close up, effortlessness and lightness combined with strength, precision and determination. Animals are nothing but the portrayal of our virtues and vices made manifest to our eyes, the visible reflections of our souls.

God displays them to us to give us food for thought. We often give our enemies the means of our own destruction.