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I am a collector of books. My TBR list is terrible. But I finally decided to give it a read. I am sooo glad I did. The Amoveo shifters are amazing. This books gives you just a lil bit of everything. A lil romance, a lil intrigue, a lil sex and a lil bit of lies hanging in the balance. It keep me wanting to turn each page. Keep me wanting trying to figure out who the bad guys were.

And surprised me when I found out who they were. I kinda sorta thought I might know who one of them were. But kept doubting myself because to me I just couldn't figure it out completely. The second just caught me off guard. Usually I can figure it out.

Not with this one. For that reason it get 4 stars from me. I love being caught off guard and taken by surprise. Glad I finally read it and I will be buying the next book in the series. My only issue is do I get the next book on my Kobo or continue to get them in paperback? Kobo only has the first two in their store. It would be soo much easier to get them for my Kobo since my shelves are already overflowing. But Kobo only has the first two. Soo much likely I will get them in paperback.

And if I can't find them their I will have to order them on line. Hate having to wait to get them. But I will get them. Really enjoyed this book. Feb 18, Kristina rated it it was amazing. Lately I had been craving a really good shifter book. That is exactly what I got with Unleashed and more! Unleashed is Sara Humphreys' first published book and it is beyond fabulous! This is the first book in the Amoveo Legend series and it is a great kick-off for the series!

There is great world building and character development. Sara has created a fascinating new kind of shifters. Ten different clans all Lately I had been craving a really good shifter book. Ten different clans all together. They all share a common enemy: The Caedo are a group of humans that are determined to eliminate all of the shifters and their mates. It's obvious that Mrs. Humphreys' is an incredibly talented writer and this magnificent tale should not be missed by paranormal romance lovers!

Go pick this book up! Unleashed is the tale of Malcolm, the great eagle and completely sexy, charming, and all around swoon-worthy alpha-male hero. He's been searching for his mate for years, and now that he's found her, he'll do anything in his power to keep her safe. Samantha, his mate, is half wolf, half human, but has yet to find that out. Will their love be enough to conquer all the obstacles that stand in their path? This book is a fast read packed with romance, action, and suspense along with a creepy villain. It is a tale of true love, the importance of family and friendship, and sadly of ultimate betrayal.

I cannot wait to dive deeper into the series with Unleashed's sequel, Untouched, which is the story of Kerry and Dante! I really liked the small glimpses of Dante from Unleashed, so I am eager to read his book! I encourage you to pick up this book if you are a fan of shifters or paranormal romance in general!

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You won't be disappointed! Feb 08, Nicole Laverdure rated it it was amazing. Breathless paranormal romance I saw Sara Humphrey' s Amoveo Legend series on a blog and got hooked by the covers of her books and the excerpts that I read. I co Breathless paranormal romance I saw Sara Humphrey' s Amoveo Legend series on a blog and got hooked by the covers of her books and the excerpts that I read.

I could not put it down! Beautiful sexual chemistry between Malcolm and Samantha. I love paranormal when they include shifters and this series has so many amazing ones. I truly recommend Sara Humphreys's books! She is a great writer and her books kept my interest throughout the book. To be added to your TBR list. Nov 06, Sebrina rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book! Can't say it enough, and can not wait for Untouched in Sam is just your ordinary gal looking for the same thing as others, her career to take off and to find that special man.

Malcolm is unlike most men in many ways, but like them in others. Fiercely protective, knows who and what he wants, and goes for it. The two of them together makes perfect sense. I knew throughout reading that we would encounter the 'bad guy', but at every turn my mind was being changed ab I absolutely loved this book! I knew throughout reading that we would encounter the 'bad guy', but at every turn my mind was being changed about who I thought it was, going back and forth trying to figure it out.

That's another thing I liked about it, it kept you guessing. Of course, there are more single men to find their mates, so hopefully there will be quite a few books in this series. Dec 30, Margaret rated it it was amazing. This book is awsome!!!!! It is completely different from other shifter books that i have read.

It is non stop action and adventure with love thrown in. I could not stop reading this. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. Having an extremely hot hero helps too. I am in love with Malcolm. He is the hero of the book. He has a posessive side for those for whom he cares about.

But he does have a loving side for Samantha.

You know hoe much he loves her. His nickname for her says it all This book is awsome!!!!! His nickname for her says it all. I have to admit that i was suprised to find out who the villian of the book was. The saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer fits to the shocking end of the book.

Jan 17, Aurian Booklover rated it really liked it. Did I buy this book for its cover? Yes, perhaps I did. So I am glad to be able to tell you, that the story is well worth it. I enjoyed discovering the world of the Amoveo very much. Sam has been trying to make a living as an artist, a painter, in New York City for years. Waiting tables to make enough money to live in a small apartment.

But success is not on the horizon yet, and she has been dreaming of home lately. And so she decided it was time to stop waiting for life to happen and go back home Did I buy this book for its cover? And so she decided it was time to stop waiting for life to happen and go back home, to the small beach town she grew up in. Her grandmother loves to have her back, and she can wait tables in the local diner to earn enough money for her art supplies if needed.

One other person is anticipating her arrival though: He is Amoveo, a shapeshifter, member of the Eagle Clan. Her father was of the Wolf Clan, although her mother was human. She is the first hybrid with the powers of the Amoveo, and this gives their dying race the chance to find more mates among the humans with psychic powers. Her grandmother raised her since then. Her father was the last of his Clan, and now Sam is the last Wolf shifter.

Malcolm will have to tell her about her heritage, and make her believe it, and accept him as her mate.

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Very different, I liked this a lot. He is gorgeous, strong and so sweet with Sam. Malcom has to convince her to trust him and introduc I was fortuned to have the privilege to read the ARC. I would not recommend this book to anyone under But with her return she's in much danger.

And it has to be fast, as he will die without mating with her. But now that she has come this close, now that he has seen her, his powers are already returning to him. Lucky for Sam, Malcolm senses her distress and comes to the rescue. It is not easy to believe his claims, especially that she herself is a shapeshifter as well.

But their telepathic connection makes it hard not to belief in everything he tells her, especially when she comes eye to eye with his eagle form. I did have some trouble in the first part of the book, with some of the too easy language used in dialogue, but I got used to it fast. I like Sam a lot.

Malcolm has known that Sam is his mate for a long time, but when she moved to New York, he lost the connection between them. Still, when he finally found her in the dreamtime, his hope returned that he would be able to claim his mate at last. He would never force her, she would have to choose him of her own free will. But he would certainly try to persuade her, seduce her, get her to know him. Even if it means courting her like an ordinary human. He did not expect to fall in love with her, just because they are destined mates, but he did.

He is strong, and honourable, and a business man in daily life, taking care of the family business while his parents are in Italy. His only companion in the states is his old butler, Davis, who has been working for his family for ever.

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Meaning everyone knows about Sam being back home and that hot man next door who likes her. The suspense in the end is very well done, but to be honest, I did suspect something like that well before it was revealed. I also liked the fact that different Clans of shapeshifters can mate with each other, and that their children will be one of the two, which will only be known at puberty. There are 10 clans, and I am looking forward to finding out what they all are. I am looking forward to the next book in this series, and I am very happy that it is on my shelves already.

Sep 13, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: Welcome to the world of the Amoveo.. Sara Humphreys creates a wonderful world full of rich characters with a lush sensuality. Imagine if you will a place where shifters abide alongside humans. I know not so hard to imagine these days.

The Amoveo are a breed of shifters that are bound by fate to their soul mate. There is only one in the entire world for them I always wonder if there are actually more that could become soul mates but when you find one you instantly bond.. Ok back on topic Imagine there is only one, now imagine that once you find that one you bond for life.. Not too bad one has to take the good with the bad and the trade off is a really long life. Except, the human enemies have discovered this fact and have been slowly annihilating your race over time.

Amoveo Legend

Some of your clans have only one member left. It seems that extinction is not far away. When suddenly, you find one lone wolf has found his mate in a psychic human.. Samantha has a lifetime of odd dreams.. Erotic moments in time.. Deciding that her life in New York is not working she moved back to her hometown.. She was tired of waiting. Leaving behind a job that meant nothing and a brutish ex she happily begins anew.

Only now there is a gorgeous man next door who is very interested. Malcolm is a man to just sit and drool over. Who wouldn't want a gorgeous, rich, smart man to notice them.. He has come to his family estate to meet his mate. To bond with her and begin their life together. All the Amoveo know that once you meet your mate life is golden.. A species that no one even knew was possible let alone that one existed. So now not only does he have to meet his mate he has to explain what the Amoveo are..

Not only do Malcolm and Samantha have to learn about each other, Samantha has to learn about her Amoveo half but there is someone out to get her. A member of the Human clan that wants her dead. She has been followed her entire life. They have been watching to see if she is "infected" if she too will turn into a freak.. And now that she has met her mate they want her dead. One would think that would be enough, but there are those of the Amoveo who also believe she is a freak of nature and should be put down. Who believe that only pure Aomveo..

While you can see there are plenty of similarities in this series to others.. Sensuous love scenes, great secondary characters and an excellent two pronged evil to fight. All of you check out this series.. Sep 29, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. Samantha failed as an artist in N. Discouraged, she returns back home to lick her wounds. However, the mysterious and primal new neighbor named Malcolm catches her eye. Soon Malcolm is explaining to her the secret of her heritage. She is actually part Amoveo. A race of rare shifters. And she is the last of the wolf clan and can actually turn into a Unleashed by Sara Humphreys Paranormal Romance — Oct.

And she is the last of the wolf clan and can actually turn into a wolf! Plus she is his fated mate. As the last of the eagle clan Malcolm has waited years for his mate to mature. For without her to eventually bond with he is slowly losing his powers and any hope of continuing his line. But he refuses to force her. He loves her fierce spirit but fears for her life. For the fanatical Caedo family has hunted the Amoveo to near extinction and now have their sights fixed on Samantha.

Can he convince Samantha the truth of his words before it is too late? This was a fascinating world. Anyone who loves shifters will be thrilled with this new series. The author vaguely refers to the very hunky men of other clans and leaves a lot open for exploration. Samantha is a fierce and independent woman who is easy to relate to and her grandmother Nonie brings family charm and warmth to this story. The premise for the story is absorbing but the details of the Amoveo world are not as fully fleshed as I would have liked.

So I hope the author fills in more details about the men and their charismatic leader Richard. I was particularly interested in Richard as he is very powerful and already has a mate and would enjoy reading about both of them in future books?! A spectacular new series sure to capture the imagination. Sep 15, Visionary rated it really liked it. The beginning starts out slow but this is to be expected for the first book in any series. Sara does a complete and wonderful job of setting up the background of The Amoveo. This book is for anyone who loves animal shape-shifter stories.

The history of The Amoveo is important, so do not try to skip or skim those parts. Else you would not get a clear and deep understanding of the characters. Malcolm — In the beginning I was struck by how different he was from the other Heros I read about. The way he approached the matter in the beginning of their relationship, the mindset, that though he was impatient and wanted his mate, HER feelings and opinions mattered. This endeared me to the hero BIG time. It was found to see such an arrogant man flounder in our social customs.

Sam — Her character I did connect with. She was easy to like. I gave her kudos for how she handled her past relationship before Malcolm. Here we have a heroine that has some self doubts about her appearance.

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This made her human to me, able to connect. Will I read more in the Amoveo series? Really stink at reviews View all 8 comments. Jan 24, Laurie rated it it was amazing. Unleashed is an amazing book of sexy shape-shifters, romance, danger and love. I really enjoyed this first book in the new Amoveo series, shifters with incredible powers. This book focuses on Samantha Logan who is, unbeknownst to her, the last of the wolf clan. She is also one of a kind, half wolf and half human.

After having been in NYC trying to make it as an artist and failing, she decided a new start is Unleashed is an amazing book of sexy shape-shifters, romance, danger and love. After having been in NYC trying to make it as an artist and failing, she decided a new start is in order and follows her dreams, she goes back home. There she meets Malcolm Drew. Malcolm is an Amoveo from the eagle clan. He knows that she is his mate. Sam has no idea about the Amoveo. Malcolm begins dating her and easing her into the Amoveo world.

Sam begins to trust him and he will protect her at all costs. He is gorgeous, strong and so sweet with Sam. The sparks fly between them.

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There is also danger waiting, as humans that hunt and kill Amoveo, have found them. This book builds their world and sets up what promises to be an amazing series. This book action, mystery, and hot romance! This book is a great read for anyone who loves paranormal romance, especially shifters. Unleashed is a refreshing read for those of us who enjoy shifters.

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This book is just fun- I just liked it, plain and simple. The author did a fabulous job with her descriptions, I felt like I was in Sam's studio, standing next to her, staring at her paintings. The story leaped out at me and off the pages. The characters were absolutely enthralling and three dimensional- especially Sam's gram. She was hilarious and witty. And I may as well add that Sam is incredibly likeable though I didn't find Unleashed is a refreshing read for those of us who enjoy shifters.

And I may as well add that Sam is incredibly likeable though I didn't find myself relating to her and Malcom is deliciously self assured. I didn't always believe the chemistry between Malcom and Sam, but their interactions were adorable nevertheless. I think that the book didn't receive four stars from me because the lack of connection I felt to Sam.

There are ten Amoveo shifter clans, and I'm crossing my fingers that each clan gets a book. This series has so much potential and I can't wait to see where Humphreys takes the next novel. Unleashed is a quick read, fast paced and perfect for just about any paranormal romance fan out there.

Sep 11, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Samantha has had enough of New York. Enough of not selling her art and enough of not finding Mr.

Right, so she moves back home. She has definitely noticed some changes. Like her sexy neighbor Malcolm. Malcolm tells her of the shape-shifting Amoveo clans and it seems unbelievable to her. That they really exists and she is one of them. An Amoveo hasn't been attacked or killed since Sam's parents. But with her return she's in much danger. The enemy has their sights set on both her and Malcolm. I'm a Samantha has had enough of New York. I'm a sucker for true mate stories and this one sucked me right in. Unleashed is a story of dreams and shape-shifters.

Both Samantha and Malcolm were great characters to read about. Their romance was sweet and passionate. One of the things I enjoyed was that the author didn't just stick with one animal. The Amoveo Clans shape-shifters are all different kinds of animals. Sure keeps things interesting. Humpreys has created a fantastic world, a unique one too. Her world will leave you wanting more. Samantha Logan had tried to establish a career in New York as an artist, but it never bore fruit and after ten years she heads back home.

She doesn't expect to meet her mysterious neighbor Malcolm Drew not does she expect his unwavering interest in her. Malcolm knew Samantha was his mate and unlike other mated couples, she doesn't seem to understand the significance of the dreams she is having of them together.

How do you tell a women who doesn't know she is part shifter that she is his mate? Thr Samantha Logan had tried to establish a career in New York as an artist, but it never bore fruit and after ten years she heads back home. Throw in a relentless danger that is determined to annihilate their race. Very different, I liked this a lot. I enjoyed the fact that Samantha was unsure of Malcolm and the author took the time to cultivate their relationship.

Great read, looks to be a series I need to read more of. Dec 22, Audra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm so glad I'm on vacation! I started reading Unleashed last night and it was so good I couldn't put it down until I just finished it. It was just as good if not better than Untamed. This series is definitely a must read. Apr 13, evolvhealth4u Miller rated it it was amazing. Humphreys has commented that her inspiration to write the series stems from "her love of the genre and an increasing interest in shape-shifters".

The Amoveo Legend series follows several members of the Amoveo clan, a group of supernatural beings that are capable of shape-shifting and other supernatural feats. While possessing various abilities, the members of this clan must find their mates before the age of 30 or die as a result. This has been one of the main focuses in the series, with Untamed following a female Amoveo clan member that has chosen to flee her home rather than to remain with a mate she did not choose for herself.

Reception for the series has been positive, [3] [4] with Untouched gaining positive reviews from Publishers Weekly and RT Book Reviews. This series which takes place in New York City, is about a coven of female vampires who run a night club out of an old cathedral. The leader of the coven Olivia Hollingsworth was introduced in the Amoveo book Undone. This is a series of e-books that Humphreys is self publishing. It is about a group of seven demons that rule over hell.

When a mysterious ring that is rumored to control the brothers is discovered they go out to find it for themselves. Asmodeus was also introduced in the Amoveo book, Undone. A series of novellas featuring the Leprechaun Fae. Born of Witch and Fae, they are considered outcasts by both races, they lead a secretive and solitary life but many strive for more. A contemporary romance series concerning five brothers who are all part of a tight-knit New England family and are all men in uniform.

The heroine in Brave the Heat , Jordan is related to Zach from Unbound , through marriage it would seem.