The Other Shoe

Sometimes the chewer put more tobacco into their mouth than they could chew If you ran out, it meant you had tried your very best to fight off the target--you used the whole nine yards.

1. Mad as a hatter

Up to the s, people sold pig carcasses in bags. Common street fraud included padding the bag with cats, which were worth far less than pigs. If a cat was let out of a bag, the jig was up. In Elizabethan England, the word "jig" became slang for a practical joke or trick. In the s, poorly-made axes would sometimes actually detach from the handle. They could end up crashing into a house or even impaling a person, which could cost you an arm and a leg in damages.

In the 18th century, it was common to get your portrait done--but not all portraits were equal in price. Paintings without certain limbs showing were less expensive; having visible limbs cost more.

drop the other shoe

The first telegraph stations in the U. After he excuses himself, Ella sees him talking to her stepsister, Clorinda. Lady Tremaine tells Ella that he was making fun of her.

She runs off, leaving her glass slipper. Later that night, Gus shows Ella the key in the box in her closet, which opens up the portal to the Land of Untold Stories, but Clorinda stops her because she wants to marry Jacob and wants Ella to marry Prince Thomas. Clorinda wants to get away from her mother as soon as possible. When Lady Tremaine returns home, she confronts Ella and demands answers as to where Clorinda went.

She then notices the glass slipper and uses it as bait to make Ella tell the truth. Ella gives in, but Lady Tremaine drops the glass slipper and it shatters into pieces.

2. Bite the bullet

She locks Ella inside the palace. When Thomas and Snow arrive, Gus alerts them and they rescue Ella.

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Prince Thomas asks Ella to marry him after she apologizes, but afterwards goes to warn Clorinda, who is about to leave for the Land of Untold Stories with Jacob. When Lady Tremaine shows up to stab Jacob, she injures Clorinda and then opens the portal to take her daughter with her. At the mental hospital, Regina, Snow and David pays a visit to see Hyde with Regina's favorite dish as a bribe, but discovered the Evil Queen had beaten her to the punch; Hyde now has luxurious furniture in his cell, and tells them the only way he'll talk is if they remove the cuffs.

Regina is upset that Zelena is keeping her other half away from her after she noticed a baby rattle that Cora gave Regina.

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Over at Granny's, Emma, Henry, and Hook are joined by Ashley and her daughter, Alexandra, who is happy to help out with assimilating the new children into Storybrooke. After Emma stopped by to see Archie involving her visions, she runs into Sean, who tells Emma that Ashley took off with a rifle. Emma believes she's going after her step-family.

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One street, Broadway, serves as boundary and as common ground for three communities: In this multicultural space, the stories of three characters are intertwined: Gonzalo a young theater director from Spain who demands too much from himself and the people around him; Richie, a young Hispanic drug dealer who dreams of escaping the basketball court where he carries out his business; and Abraham, a Jewish landlord who withdraws into his work in order to avoid a reality he can't bear to face.

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