Bad Medicine (Wild Wyoming Series Book 2)

Chris' Story - Available Now. Chris Gorman has grown up like a gipsy, moving with his mother from place to place. When at last she confesses who his father is, it is too late for Chris to meet him. His father died without knowing that he had another son. His brother Tom takes him in and welcomes him into the family. Not having any other home, Chris decides to stay at the ranch.

He is good with the horses despite his disability, having almost no hearing at all. Accustomed to men fawning over her, she is surprised by the distant manner of the deaf wrangler. He assesses her with cool eyes, almost with disdain. Desiring to see wild mustangs, Karilyn leaves for the wilderness on a bright, sunny morning. When a blizzard strikes unexpectedly, Chris goes to find her.

Or is it a second chance? Alexandra's Story - Available Now. This is a contemporary romance, Book 1 of Virginia Lovers series. Alexandra Stewart leads a happy life with her husband, thoracic surgeon Dr. Her life changes when her husband moves out and she is served the divorce papers.

Distressed and not knowing what to do, Alexandra moves back home and finds solace in the wonderful garden tended by her Aunt Loretta. April in Virginia, with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the garden a paradise of colors and fragrances, gives her comfort and healing. And the handsome landscaper who rebuilds the gazebo is not too bad to look at. Eight years later, life is much better. His brothers have grown up and his business is thriving.

Brad always admired Alexandra from afar and now that she moved back home, he gets to know her better. Is Alexandra going to let herself be persuaded that their love is the real, forever kind, despite her doubts and the age difference between them? Ariel's Story - Available Now. This is a contemporary romance, Book 2 of Virginia Lovers series.

Successful architect, Ariel Stewart anticipates an enjoyable vacation with her family in Northern Virginia and on the shores of the ocean at Virginia Beach, before packing her bags and leaving for a longer project in Europe. She has the shock of her life when the daughter she gave up for adoption fourteen years ago, shows up at her door. Forced by the circumstances, Ariel takes Mellie with her, and her carefully planned vacation is turned upside down.

Kyle Fergusson lives like a recluse with only his dog for company since he was released from prison five years ago. None of the audits could pin embezzlement on him, but he was found guilty nevertheless. Now, all he wants is to be left in peace. Lulu 's Story - Available Now. Unlike her sisters, Louise Stewart had not been successful at anything she had tried in her life; several career paths abandoned and several boyfriends that had abandoned her. Yet Lulu plods through life with courage, joking, laughing, and mostly hiding her hurt.

She also hides a big secret. When she was sixteen, her Christmas wish was that Aeneas would see her all grown up, and not the pesky kid sister of his girlfriend, tagging along when all he wanted was a little privacy to steal a kiss from Alexandra. She also wished to find true love. Aeneas Foster, renowned photojournalist, comes home to Northern Virginia to take a break from facing perils in all the dangerous places on the globe and to write a book about his travels thinking his old girlfriend, the beautiful Alexandra, is recently divorced and in need of comfort. Unfortunately, he finds Alexandra remarried and his eyes turn more toward her sister, the lively Lulu with her laughing eyes and enchanting voice.

Liam Hennessy is a wealthy businessman, a developer involved in politics, an active presence on the Washington DC political and social scene. Accustomed to the glamorous women of his world, he is taken by surprise by the spontaneous, natural Lulu. What starts as a simple act of helping a friend, develops into strong feelings of love and passion. Will the magic of Christmas bring true love to her and make an old wish come true? This is a contemporary western romance. Romance writer Annabelle Lacroix from New York City decides to travel to Wyoming to research the history of the American West for her next book, to meet people and see places, to experience the spirit of the west.

She is also motivated by an image of a cowboy from a box with old pictures. The image started coming into her dreams beckoning her to come to Wyoming. Lance Maitland, owner of a small ranch north of Laramie, left to him by his uncle Erik, is struggling to manage the spread, despite being estranged from his family and plagued by cattle rustlers. Coming home from Laramie, Lance finds Annie just when a storm is brewing and he offers her shelter at his house. Landed in the middle of a family feud, supporting Lance and his ranch hands in their fight against cattle rustlers and arsonists, Annie gets to know better and fall in love with this honest cowboy, with mesmerizing aqua-blue eyes, and this rough but beautiful land.

She helps heal a dysfunctional family, wounded by old misunderstandings and of course discovers the identity of the mysterious cowboy from the old picture. Veterinarian Tristan Maitland lives a quiet life with his son Zach in Laramie, Wyoming, close to his family ranch. He made peace with his two brothers and the father that had adopted him when he was four years old, and moved into a great house together with his son Zach and their household of assorted animals. Two years ago, Raul Maitland changed overnight from a poor cowboy into a respected, wealthy rancher.

This change brought him satisfaction and happiness, but also he felt profound grief and disappointment when the woman he loved left him for another man. After spending Thanksgiving with his family, December 1 st finds him in Cheyenne for a business meeting. The town is preparing for the Christmas celebration and everywhere he turns there are ornaments, lights, and traditional merry songs. In an old tavern where he enters to have a bite for lunch, he has an unexpected encounter with Faith Parker, the sister of the woman he loved, a very beautiful, but proud and conceited woman.

Or so he remembered. Two years ago, Cassandra Faith Parker, confident in her beauty and talent, left her family home at a ranch near Laramie, Wyoming to go to New York City to achieve her life dream, to be a singer on Broadway. Meeting Raul, a man from her past she had treated with disdain, makes her none too happy. In the middle of the joyous Christmas holidays, and a winter storm, Raul and Faith learn a few things about each other and discover that love and passion can be unexpected and healing.

This is a western contemporary romance, 2 nd edition, rewritten and revised. Successful Boston attorney Christy McKinley has her routine life interrupted when unexpected events force her to take a leave of absence from work and fly to Colorado to find her two-year-old stepbrother, Matthew. Rugged rancher Jared Reed finds himself in charge of a failing ranch and his two-year-old nephew when his brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident.

You could not find two people more different than Christy and Jared. They disagree on everything except their love for little Mathew and their determination to save the ranch. As weeks go by, the attraction between them grows and the old saying that opposites attract comes true. The small town comes alive in this amusing tale of small scale conflict. Charlie Callahan is a retired baseball player living in Hunters Crossing, Ohio with his wife, Lorena and two boys, Rob, a college student, and Drew, a senior in high school. When what he thought to be only a minor incident threatens to turn his life upside down, Charlie is forced to change his passive attitude.

Sully and Brian explore the cave together but come out right as Dog Soldiers attack railroad builders.

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Mike that he wants that horse for this birthday. With These Wings Price: Meanwhile, Cady tells Branch that she is not emotionally ready to be in a relationship. What do you enjoy most about the process? If only she could ignore the attraction she has felt for Tom ever since they were in high school when Tom was the high school quarterback.

Brian runs to find Sully, but he has disappeared. Brian runs back to town to get Matthew and Robert E. Jake and Hank go out to collect the bounty. Managing to avoid the soldiers in town, Robert E. Colleen is faced with the daunting task of taking the bullet out of Sully alone. Matthew goes in search of Cloud Dancing while the Revered goes to town for medical supplies.

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Unfortunately, Matthew is soon followed by Jake, and Hank spots the Reverend sneaking out of the clinic with supplies. All four men arrive back at the cave at the same time. Everyone is surprised when Hank is subdued by the Reverend. Jake removes the bullet from Sully but nicks an artery, which Colleen must suture closed.

Sully regains consciousness and goes to turn himself in; Hank's still after the bounty but is blown off. When Sully comes to town, he makes a speech about his innocence, winning the townspeople over. When the Cavalry arrive, Dorothy and others vouch he was "in town" during the time of the incident and threatens to write about shooting an unarmed man in the back.

The episode ends with Dr. Mike returning to town, none the wiser. After helping a pregnant woman deliver her baby in Robert E. Mike on a trip to the past, present and future. In the past she remembers her father and a scene where she sings carols late at night with her patients during medical school. In her present, she is helping a woman deliver her baby while Mike and Sully hide the woman and her husband from their families who disapprove of their marriage.

The future shows Mike with Colleen, Matthew, some grandchildren though we don't know whose children they are , and a late-arriving Brian who is in his military uniform, having just arrived after being on a ship in the navy. A "grandpa" is in the kitchen cooking, but we never see him or find out his identity. On this journey, Mike concludes that the choices and decisions she's made for her career and life the right ones.

The Grandfather of the newborn child decides that he doesn't want to press charges. Diane Ladd , Harp: Paul Sand , Bishop: Brendan Burns , Joseph Quinn: John Clarke , Dr. Jeff Weatherford , Caleb: David Pearce Roberts , Martha: Pamela Kosh , Mrs. Elyse Donalson , Sarah Kim Heinburg: Sean Flynn , and Adult Brian: Desperate for funds to finish his homestead, Matthew becomes a scab miner. The unions are protesting the lowered wage and unsafe work conditions. Mike and Sully try and persuade Matthew not to work in the mine but he does anyway. Loren refuses credit to strikers, prompting a boycott of his store.

Sully tells Matthew he nearly died in a cave in. After one day's work, Matthew discovers that they are not paying cash but in scrip for Loren's store at 90 cents to the dollar , but continues to work anyway. Brian eats too much candy and has indigestion. While being treated by Dr. Mike, it's revealed to him that many people are boycotting Mr. Bray's store because he is treating people unfairly. Bray notices that Brian has gone 3 days without coming in for candy and when asked, Brian reveals that he is boycotting the store because of Loren's support for the unfair treatment of the miners.

Mike is at the mine taking care of the miners when Matthew becomes trapped during a cave in. Mike, Horace, and Robert E. Mike find Matthew, but his leg is trapped under a heavy boulder and there is rising water.

Bad Medicine

Horace and Robert E. Jake and the Reverend decide to the join the search but before they do, another cave in occurs blocking the entrance to the cave. Mike is about to amputate Matthew's leg, but Sully arrives with gunpowder and comes up with a plan to blast the boulder into two in order to free Matthew's leg. Matthew's leg is freed and they make their way to the blocked entrance. They yell out for help and are heard by Jake. Jake, Robert E, and Hank quickly clear a small passage just big enough for Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Sully to escape and there is a third cave in just as they exit.

Stone tells Matthew that there is a job waiting for him when the mines re-open, but Matthew rejects his offer and Dr. Mike tells him that while there will always be desperate people willing to work, there is nobody from their town who will work for him now. Peter Jason and Jon: After helping to negotiate a peace treaty to provide food and other supplies for land between the Cheyenne and the US Government, Dr.

Mike and Sully unknowingly aid in giving typhus infected blankets to the Cheyenne. Everyone is preparing to celebrate George Washington's birthday and Brian is practicing his lines for playing George Washington when he was a boy. After distributing the blankets to the reservation, Dr. Mike is called back because there is an illness spreading which she determines to be typhus. Michaela and Sully go to the reservation to help fight the disease, as many people are already dying. However, they are not able to get back to town because the army has quarantined the reservation and have orders to shoot anyone trying to come out.

Meanwhile, Matthew, who also took one of the blankets to give to Ingrid, falls ill with typhus. Mike sends a note to the children tied to Wolf to let them know that they cannot return to the town and the whole town learns that Matthew has typhus and quarantines him, Colleen, Brian, and Horace in the clinic.

Hank decides to plank up the clinic. Ingrid's little sister is sick and she brings her to the clinic and finds out Matthew also has typhus. The townspeople drive her away and Jake and Hank lead a group of men to burn down the immigrant camp and drive the immigrants away. Horace and Myra stay behind because soldiers are less likely to shoot children.

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Mike is able to convince the Cheyenne to burn their dead, contrary to their religious customs, so that less disease is able to be spread. The army comes to kick the Cheyenne off of their reservation but allow them to burn their dead. Mike take this opportunity to slip away and try to get to town. After being stopped by troops, Brian pretends to have typhus and the soldiers let them through.

After convincing the Cheyenne to burn their dead, contrary to their religion and custom, the disease is finally dealt with. Matthew recovers but 45 Cheyenne die from the disease as well as Colonel Egan. George Washington's birthday is celebrated with a play and fireworks. John Reger, Chief Black Kettle: Nick Ramus ; Cloud Dancing: Larry Sellers ; Walks on Cloud: Beth Sullivan , Jeanne C.

She involves the townspeople in her acts. Colleen and Matthew are selected for the tightrope and Dr Mike and Sully are selected for the trapeze. While practicing for the tightrope, one of Atlantis's gloves falls off and Dr. Mike sees that she has syndactyl between her index finger and thumb.

Colleen shows Atlantis around the clinic where she learns that Heart believes that Atlantis's hands are what makes her special. Mike has a fear of heights, when practicing for the trapeze. Atlantis comes to Dr. Mike after Colleen tells her Dr. Mike can fix her hands. But for the second time, Heart interferes, refusing treatment for Atlantis. Colleen is afraid of heights on the tightrope. When Atlantis sees Matthew kissing Ingrid, she becomes upset and tries to cut her webbed hands.

Heart then asks Dr. Mike to fix the other one too. Inner and outer wounds are shared and healed when Dr. Mike and Atlantis help Colleen overcome her fear of performing in front of crowds, and Dr. Mike helps Heart realize that it's a bond of love, not affliction, that binds her and Atlantis when Dr. Mike performs a successful operation to separate Atlantis' webbed fingers.

Matthew tells Colleen he won't do the tightrope if she's not doing it. Colleen decides not to go through with the tightrope walk but changes her mind. Mike successfully perform on the trapeze. When all the performers are offered their wages, everyone refuses except Jake, whom Loren makes return it. Catherine, a beautiful blonde woman captured by and raised with renegade Cheyenne, is brought to Colorado Springs by soldiers when her tribe is wiped out and she's the sole surviving member. She is offered clothing and anything that she wants but refuses and faints. Dorothy and Jake start to become interested in one another, to Loren's chagrin.

Loren says he is worried but Dorothy says he is jealous. An argument ensues between Loren and Jake over Dorothy. Sully finds out Catherine's name, that she can speak English, where she was born and how old she was when she was adopted by the Cheyenne. Jake and Loren refuse Catherine access to the church.

Mike concludes she has Epilepsy. She says that is why they called her Shivering Deer. Brian witnesses Sully and Catherine kiss, angry with him, eventually tells Michaela, which forces her to tell Sully that she can't be with him. Dorothy tells Jake she doesn't want to be with him the way he treats people. Jake then tells her about his mother who left him, and his alcoholic father.

Sully tries to talk to Brian first and his relationship with Catherine and then her about their relationship, but she continues to grow closer and closer to him, saying that you protect me after he gives her some beads. Mike she wants to stay in Colorado Springs with Sully, despite her family wanting her back in Baltimore. Friction develops between Dr. Mike and Sully, and they both argue when Catherine falls in love with him, due to the fact that Sully is the only person she trusts, and he seems to respond.

Mike demands to know if she attractive to him, and whether he has been with another woman since Abigail died. Mike goes to Dorothy to confide in her. Sully tells Catherine his heart is with Dr. Dorothy tells Loren he was right. Mike says Sully hurt her and she can't be with him right now. Mike volunteer to take them in. Mike diagnoses Scurvy , Anaemia , and Rickets. Mike, Matthew Brian and Colleen struggle with the orphans' behavior and Brian and Colleen have trouble sharing their things and their space with other children.

When the Reverend volunteers to find homes for some orphans, the townspeople refuse to take them in, wanting only servants. Sully is upset with Dr. Mike for trying to change everything all the time. Jennifer, the eldest of the orphans comes to Hank looking for a job. Meanwhile, Michaela warns Colleen and Brian not to be selfish and to be grateful for the things they do have. Later, Myra has a talk with Jennifer about what she is getting into. After taking the orphans out on a picnic, Dr. Mike considers a marriage proposal from the Reverend, after he shaves his beard off for her in order to provide eight newly arrived orphans with an instant family.

Mike how Brian and Colleen feels. Mike tells Brian and Colleen about the Reverend's proposal which upsets them. Hank tells Myra if the girl comes to work for him, he will let Myra out of her contract. Brian tells Dorothy Dr. Mike is going to marry her, and Dorothy prints it.

Mike and Sully argue about the orphans and whether she is in love with The Reverend or not. When Sully leaves the clinic, Dr. Mike realizes she might have made a dreadful mistake. Loren forces the eldest boy to stop smoking. Robert E makes a fake leg for a crippled boy, Jennifer's brother. Myra decides to keep her contract so the girl won't have to go through what she went through. Hank says he loves Myra but she tells him he doesn't know what love is, to Hank's disappointment.

At Grace's cafe, Dr. Mike denies the Reverend's proposal, saying that it would be for the wrong reason, that she doesn't love him, and they decide to send the children to a Reverend in another town. Mike apologizes to Sully, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian and explains why. And they forgive her. Beth Sullivan , Kevin Arkadie. A troop of black "Buffalo" Soldiers rides into town intending to kill Indian Dog Soldiers who, because the railroad trespasses on their hunting grounds, have been sabotaging it. Mike manages to thwart the Buffalo Soldiers' mission by warning the Indians, thereby committing an act of civil disobedience.

Meanwhile in the school exam, 1st prize of which is a trip to Washington D. C, Brian sees Colleen cheat on her exam, which she wins. When Brian confronts her, she denies it. Rather than refusing to help the soldiers, Michaela decides to put up the soldiers in the clinic, and on Cloud Dancing's advice Sully decides to help the army scout out the Indian camp, both in order to help thwart the army's mission, and learn information. Mike tells the sergeant his men have Scurvy but he ignores her advice. When she overhears the army's plans to attack the Indian camp, Michaela rides out to warn them, and when a battle ensues and many die on each side, Michaela admits that she committed an act of treason and is imprisoned.

Colleen goes to Dorothy and admits that she cheated on the exam. Sully takes Sergeant Marion Mempin to the Indian camp to talk with Black Kettle and the Sergeant realizes that he cannot in good conscience kill them. When ordered to prepare to kill them, the Sergeant refuses and is imprisoned to be court martialed. Rather than see him go to court to be executed, Michaela fakes a surgery and gives him a drug that makes him appear dead. The army is convinced and they give him a funeral, but afterward he awakens and, with the help of Sully, Robert E, and Michaela, runs away free.

Beth Sullivan , Kathryn Ford. Matthew, desperate to earn funds to finish his homestead, becomes a gambler when con-man Julius Hoffman rides into town for the annual poker game at Hank's saloon. He quickly spots Matthew as his victim, and sees it as an easy way to make money for the homestead.

When he bring presents home for everyone, Dr. Mike is not happy with Matthew playing poker. Hoffman goes to the Reverend and offers him a bribe and then threatens to tell everyone in the congregation about his past, which he again repeats in Hank's Saloon and The Reverend loses his temper with Hoffman. Unfortunately, Matthew must learn the hard way that the easier it looks, the harder it hooks. Ingrid gives Matthew money to help him finish the homestead, but he gambles it and although he wins a lot of money, she is furious with him. Matthew is later injured and badly beaten up.

When he begins missing dinners and not making good on his promises. Meanwhile, Brian finds the money to buy the Eagle off Loren who reluctantly agrees. Hank offers Loren the opportunity to double his money. Brian's Eagle refuses to leave its cage, to his disappointment. Loren, Jake, Horace, Robert E. Ingrid gives him her ring back and breaks off the engagement. We learn that the Reverend had a dark past with gambling before he came to the Lord, when he confides in Dr. In the big final game, Matthew loses everything to Julius, including Dr.

Mike's ring which she gave to Matthew to give to Ingrid, who then makes off with his money.

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The Reverend finds courage though to stand up to Julius when he, Robert E. Sully says to Matthew a man can't learn if he doesn't make mistakes. However, Matthew feels so guilty that he ends up giving the money as a donation to the church. At the end of the episode, the family takes the eagle out to Matthew's unfinished homestead and it finally leaves its cage and is free. Though Mike treats him for pain supposedly incurred from war injuries 4 years ago, his real affliction is an addiction to morphine.

He becomes angry when Dr. Mike doesn't give him another morphine shot for his pain. He also attempts to shoplift from Loren, but Dorothy defends him. When he sees that Michaela has morphine in her bag, he breaks into the clinic and the homestead in the middle of the night and demands morphine from Colleen while the family lies sleeping. When he pulls out a gun and fires at Matthew, Michaela shoots him in the leg, not realizing till afterwards that it was Tom who broke in. Hank says he is proud of Michaela. Later, she doubts her actions, but Sully reassures her that what she did was right.

Brian later brags to everyone at school about what Dr. Mike did, but Colleen is upset and runs away. When Sully finds Colleen trying to scrub the blood from the floor of the homestead clean, he takes her to Dr. Mike, who doesn't tell Dr. Mike the real truth. While Dorothy and Dr. Mike are arguing about each other's' sons welfares, Tom cries out in pain from his bedroom. When Dorothy urges her to do something, Dr. Mike gives in and uses morphine and also decides to amputate his leg. Meanwhile, Sully has to have a talk with Brian about shooting people. He then has to talk to Colleen about her problem, but she also refuses to tell Sully the real reason why she doesn't want to go to school.

Mike amputates his leg, Dorothy again wants Dr. Mike to give Tom more morphine, but Dr. Mike doesn't know what to do. Mike talks with Sully about it who suggests she talk to Cloud Dancing and that Colleen is very upset. At the homestead, Colleen is ready to shoot whoever walks through the door.

Colleen finally opens up to Dr. After a talk with Cloud Dancing, she decides not to wean Tom off the morphine and instead use some Indian herbal tea. But Dorothy disagrees with her and tries to take the morphine herself and Dr. Mike has to lock her outside. Tom tries to play on Dorothy's emotions to get more morphine, but she refuses, and Tom is furious.

After what seems to be a full recovery, Tom assures Dorothy she won't see any more of the old person. Loren gives Tom a job at his store. Mike insists that Colleen face Tom, who apologizes to her but she can't forgive him but admits maybe she might be able to one day. One morning, Loren and Dorothy awake to find their all their cash gone and Tom gone. Robert E purchases at auction a house that sits in the middle of town, which no black person has ever done before. The auctioneer, Jedediah Bancroft, tries to worm his way out of giving the house to Robert E when he learns he is black, but it is too late to legally keep it from him.

Jedediah vows he'll never live in it and invites all of the men of the town to a late night meeting of a new "men's club," which turns out to be a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Loren refuses to sell Robert E nails, claiming he doesn't have any left. Matthew attends the "men's club" and when Robert E is assaulted, he and Horace bring him to the clinic, and tells Michaela and Sully, who stand in defense of Robert E, while Jake and Hank vandalize his house and humiliate Robert E, dumping paint over him.

Jedediah tries to buy Robert E out of the house by talking to Dr. Mike and Robert E refuses. Jedediah threatens extortion to Dr. Dorothy writes an article about Robert E shooting Loren and not having his house. Mike offers the clinic back to Jedediah in response to his extortion threats. Mike reveals to Robert E and Grace her father was an abolitionist. Brian is told about slavery by Robert E. Later, after ignoring Dr. Mike's advice about his arm, and refusing treatment or amputation, Jedediah threatens Brian, Colleen and Matthew and Sully says that if he touches any of them he will kill him.

Brian, Colleen and Matthew agree with Sully and Dr. Mike that it has become their fight. A moving speech by Michaela shames the townspeople and drives Jedediah away. Sully nearly kills Jedediah. Loren ends up helping Robert E and Grace move into their new home. Beth Sullivan , Nancy Bond. Johnson recruits a new schoolteacher Sherry Hursey for the town, whom he appears to have romantic history with.

All seems well when their flame is rekindled and she and Michaela hit it off as career women from the East. However, her beliefs about appropriate discipline come into question when students start coming to Dr. Mike with unusual injuries and Colleen and Brian admit that the injuries are from schoolroom discipline. The Reverend proposes and initially stands in the teacher's defense, but when Dr. Mike goes to Loren to call a town meeting to discuss her methods, and no one can agree, the Reverend has a discussion with her about it and learns that she doesn't even want children, which forces him to break off the engagement.

Jake reveals to Loren his mother beat him with a strap. Though the town voted in support of her methods, she ends up leaving town when a harshly disciplined student retaliates and beats her up. When Brian can't sleep, Dr. Mike asks Brian to promise he will tell her if anyone ever hurts him. In the Indian reservation, Cloud Dancing and Sully compete at throwing the tomahawks. Mike and 2 soldiers arrive with a wagon full of food rations for the Indians; however, they are a day early and Dog Soldiers are still camping out at the reservation. Upon noticing the war paint on a horse, the two soldiers are shot dead and taken away to be buried.

Cloud Dancing's son Walks on Cloud wants to join the dog soldiers but his father does not want to allow it. Brian falls for a horse that Hank won in a poker game and tells Dr. Mike that he wants that horse for this birthday. Mike what would have happened if she had told the truth. However, she confides in Dorothy and asks for her advice, off the record. Matthew asks Hank to sell the horse for Brian's birthday, but he refuses. After seeing smoke in the distance, and hearing gunshots, it is discovered that Indians are attacking.

Meanwhile, when Hank starts whipping the horse, it escapes and runs through Grace's cafe. Matthew takes Brian to find Hank's horse, and discovers it is injured and in danger of becoming lame due to infection in its leg. Walks on Cloud says that his father is becoming old and that his father's friends Dr Mike and Sully are now his enemy, threatening to kill them if he sees them again. Hank comes to the homestead to find out if anyone has seen the horse but they deny it.

The Reverend is attacked by dog soldiers on the stagecoach. Meanwhile Colleen convinces Brian to do what is right for the horse. The Reverend is angry with dog soldiers and "hopes they burn in hell", after Dr.

Mike is choked by one of the injured dog soldiers, and Dr. Mike is surprised at this outburst. Matthew goes to Hank to get him a job to buy the horse, rather than play for it in poker, implying he might tell people he waters down his whisky. The Dog soldiers set fire to the town. Mike is kidnapped in retaliation and Sully vows to find her. In Part 2, Sully sets out to rescue Dr. Mike, who is now Sully's "heart-song". Meanwhile, Custer takes the Cheyenne prisoner, including Cloud Dancing, threatening to hang everyone unless Dr.

But Cloud Dancing's son demands that the Cheyenne be freed in return for Dr. Custer refuses and wants to hang the Cheyenne as soon as a gallows can be constructed if Dr. Walks on Cloud releases Dr. Mike and is then shot by One Eye. Mike is knocked unconscious, and recaptured. People refuse to speak to Sully when he arrives at the Cheyenne camp. Finally, one elderly woman tells him. Brian works off the cost of the horse; but Hank reneges on the deal, and has to be comforted by Robert E.

Hank tries to tell Loren Brian will get over it, but Loren puts the price of Whisky, Silk, and glass up, telling Hank, you'll get over it. One Eye fights Sully but it ends in his death when Sully throws him over the cliff and onto the rocks below. Mike and Sully, being trapped, have to jump off a cliff. They return to town just in time to keep the Cheyenne from getting hanged. Custer tries to go ahead with the hangings, but Sully reminds Custer that he gave his word. Hank, not anxious to pay double for all his goods at the General Store, delivers the horse to Brian on his birthday, declaring that, "Sometimes it's just good business for a man to keep his word.

Beth Sullivan , Joanne Parrant. When the town gets impatient with their town-hall meetings where nothing really gets done, it is proposed that the town elect a mayor. Loren nominates Jake, and Horace nominates Dr. Hank sets a horse off with the wagon Dr. Mike is standing on so that she falls off, onto the ground. Grace and Robert argue about voting for Dr. Mike forgets about Snowbird's initiation, after Sully reminds her, and tells her if she becomes Mayer, she'll be busier than ever.

Myra is attacked by a man while she is "entertaining," while Dr. Mike is outside of town campaigning and is unable to be there to help, which makes her wonder if she would be able to be mayor and still be the doctor the town needs. When she is about to announce her withdrawal, things start to look up and she decides to stay in the race. Mike challenges Jake to a debate, and confesses that, while she wouldn't do anything without the town's vote, her personal preference would be to outlaw drinking.

Though he originally discouraged her from running because of how dirty politics can get, Sully is impressed that she held her ground even though it may have hurt her vote. Mike to get all the women together because he's got a plan. On election day, the women of the town all come out to vote and are initially turned away, until they all present an official document saying that Sully deeded to each of them a small part of his homestead, making them all land owners, and eligible voters.

When they see their victory is threatened, Jake and Loren make a deal with Dr. Mike that if she wins, she won't outlaw prostitution or drinking, and if they win, they will allow women to vote. Mike wants to outlaw prostitution and drinking, but Dorothy persuades her to agree to the deal because if they don't win, at least they have to vote to ban it.

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When Myra hears that even if Dr. Mike wins, prostitution will not be outlawed, she asks Hank for her contract, and quits, to his shock, saying that she would rather spend her life in a jail cell than keep working for him. The Reverend reads the results and Jake wins the vote, but not by a large margin, and keeps his promise to make it legal for women to vote, whether they own property or not.

After Myra walks out on Hank, and he angrily throws out all her things onto the street, only the town's love for the infinitely unlovable Hank can pull him from the brink of a deadly coma, after breaking into a drunken rage over Myra ending his entertaining contract at the saloon. When Grandma Quinn sends Brian a Telescope and a book, Colleen is disappointed she didn't receive anything.

Later at Grace's cafe, Hank, drunk, threatens to shoot Myra, but Sully knocks him unconscious with a branch. When he wakes up, he says he doesn't need anybody and blames Dr. Mike when she later tries to help him. Furious, she leaves saying she doesn't care if she never sees his face again. Horace buys a gun and tells Myra he wishes Hank was dead. Hank is found with a skull fracture and in a coma outside his saloon, and Horace is appalled when Myra won't leave Hanks' bedside, claiming she can't let him die alone even though in his drunken rage he almost shot Myra.

Colleen and Brian fight and the telescope is damaged when it is knocked over. Horace gives Myra an ultimatum, telling her if you love me you'll leave him. Deciding to stay beside him, Horace is angry with Myra and tells her he can't marry her. Myra rebukes everyone in church for not caring about Hank. Loren, Jake, and Grace come to visit Hank. Colleen and Brian wish they didn't have each other as sister or brother.

Mike tells them both the importance of having each other. Mike that there is light in her heart for Hank. Mike tells Horace to give Myra another chance and Horace practices his proposal on Dr. Mike, who becomes emotional. Horace tries to kill Hank, but can't, and instead talks to Hank. Sharing her fears with a still unconscious Hank, and ending the episode, Dr. Mike and Hank share a tender moment upon his regaining consciousness.

Mike begins to notice he looks oddly familiar. Meanwhile, Cloud Dancing talks with Dr. Mike about an ominous dream he had about something carrying her away from Sully and that he is going off on a vision quest to find peace after suspecting this dream may heavily affect him as well. He's been spending so much time playing spy and superhero lately that I think people tend to forget that he was nominated for Hurt Locker and The Town. His performance here is even better. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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