A majority of the staff listed on their website have all left which only makes it harder for those who still work there. You have to understand you are cogs in the machine here and if you get too expensive or speak out about your situation you will be pushed out of the business. There is no longer a HR manager to resolve internal issues as they also left unable to change the negative behaviour of key stakeholders.

Only suitable if you like being made feel like you are bad at your job, like being micromanaged and can deal with unreasonable and unfair decisions. Consider replacement of management personnel who created this toxic culture. Many thanks for your review. Developing a positive and happy working environment is important to us, and we are very disappointed in ourselves to hear about your experience. To protect our culture, we also have a great HR manager and a Head of Operations making sure the team is happy we check every Friday: We consistently benchmark our salaries against the industry and pay bonuses where appropriate.

Whilst we know we are not perfect, we are striving to create a transparent environment across the whole team which is why we share details of all key management meetings and presentations with the wider company.

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Thank you again for your feedback, it inspires us to be better, and we wish you the best of luck in your future. The agency is dynamic and so you can take ideas, run with them and do some cool and unique work. Lots of opportunities to develop as a media professional, such as knowledge sharing, blogging, conferences, speaking opportunities and research. I found it a very well known and respected agency among other boutique agencies.

These are based on my experiences back in , it's likely that some of these will be different by now It's a difficult environment if you aren't able to work outside of your comfort zone, a small team means that you have to assume other work if there isn't resource available. A small team also meant that there was sometimes not the knowledge available within the company to do certain work, this means you had to research or look outside the company to find answers or best practices.

Poor management Poor working hours No work recognition. If you're not keen on processes and prefer to free-style, BG won't be the best fit I've seen a few people not pass probation, it is a demanding environment. I think some of the reviews on this website are from the old office in Florida which closed in , not really relevant to UK.

Really nice team, good culture, generous boss regularly took staff out for meals, paid for drinks and they really care about your opinion. Great opportunities to meet people and develop yourself within your career. All around a great company. I just think I was a bad fit. Was having some mental problems at the time and they seemed to be quite passive aggressive about things rather than tackling them head on.

I really don't feel like I have the right to have a greveince so I'm sure it's fine but they seemed to have a poor idea of what my job title involved Copywriter and how long it takes to write decent copy. Everything else was great. I did accidentally leave a work laptop logged in to a friends dropbox from when I was moving some work files from home PC to work. Six months later an abusive word file was dropped into the account, insulting me directly.

Still love the company, but one particular member of staff could probably do with a bit more tone control moving forwards. BlueGlass has some of the most motivated, driven and focused group of people I have ever worked with. I disagree with all the negative posts.

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I know that each employee is held accountable for their own work. Easy to express ideas or concerns to management Friendly and thoughtful leaders Always open to explore new ways of improvement Open minded Complete transparency and actual concern for employes and the industry. At times quick growth can create challenges that require strength and determination from all involved. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile.

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Based BlueGlass thanking the hotel staff at AGDQ2014 ending ceremony

Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros This was a great place to work. Fall Fright , October Games Done Quick Express , October An archive of marathon VOD threads can be found here. If you know of an upcoming marathon, please message the moderators! Need an explanation on anything speedrun? Looking for a specific community discord?

Llanfair useful timer Mac compatible! Community Speedrunning Websites Message the Moderators!

Can someone explain the hype around Blueglass? Been speedrunning for a while, but haven't been involved in the community itself too much. Also some ppl call him YSG?

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What does that stand for? Mixed opinions on the matter, so I'll just keep it to things that answer the question I guess. That being said, he's got a somewhat intolerable laugh to some people and social awkwardness is a thing, but that was much better this marathon and that's awesome. Not sure if the 2nd part there is tied to anything in particular, just an observation.

People call him "YSG" because originally he wore a yellow shirt. People started off by making fun of him, calling him Yellow Shirt Guy, but then others began praising him for always being around, as mentioned above. He prefers to be called Blueglass. At one point yes. Iceplug is also another person that devotes an amazing amount of time to supporting every runner. Not to mention, just about every person on the tech team. Another thing about Iceplug that isn't commonly known, he was giving people rides to and maybe from the airport at SGDQ, and wasn't even accepting gas money.

Really great guy in general. Ice plug is a great guy Haha yeah the reflection of his glasses was pretty demonic. Somehow he managed to find the spots where it only reflected dots in the center of his eyes, and in more than one part of the room. He's referring to this. Some people love his laugh though. Agreed, the new sound system, larger room, and multiple viewing areas helped out a ton with reducing background noise and clutter that probably contributed to previous issues.

I'm indifferent to his laugh personally, quantity has a lot to do with it; lol. Yeah the new sound system is no joke, its nice when Hearing people is the issue not hearing too many people lol. What games does he actively speedrun? I saw that he was doing an Ecco run during the bonus stream? I'm surprised he doesn't stream and has a following.

Upcoming Marathons

He does have a stream, but not stream yet. He's planning to start streaming in the future. I'd like to clarify that the name YSG started as a bit of a joke, he was seen in the back of a few runs and no one really knew who he was but his laugh and a few other mannerisms obviously stood out enough for twitch chat to cling onto and make fun of. The sheer number of runs — quite often unpopular runs — he took the time to attend, and his intense enthusiasm for the scene, runners, and the games themselves quickly made chat and a lot of the community really like him.

BlueGlass Interactive Photos

He would always add some commentary sometimes to people's annoyance , heap compliments and praise onto the runners, laugh with every joke and laugh at every death. You can tell he loves speedrunning in all of its entirety. It's obvious how grateful he is to be part of the community and how excited he is to be at GDQ and I think that gives a fantastic gateway for the audience to view the events through his enthusiasm. I think that's the major draw to his popularity.