Dear Mom & Dad....I died today

Roxbury Police School Resource Officer Glen Gordon, who helped Feeney bring the "Every 15 Minutes" program to the district, said the students were quarantined overnight at a hotel in Mount Olive Township from Tuesday into Wednesday, following the "accident" in the high school parking lot. Their parents were also taken to the hotel, where they were separated from their children for more than 24 hours. The mission of both parents and students, Gordon explained, was to write farewell letters to one another, following the student's "death" during the accident.

Student Matthew Bodnar played the driver, who would be sentenced to 10 years in prison on manslaughter charges, after being convicted of DUI. The video included his appearance in court- Roxbury's real courtroom and Roxbury's real judge, Carl Wronko.

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He apologized, as his parents begged for leniency. And he also had to hear from his victim's parents during the mock-court session. One of the victims was portrayed by Joelle Cancelliere. She died in the crash, as did Mark Bacchetta. Nicole Wilk, another student, was one of the "lucky" ones; she was only paralyzed for life.

What were you thinking? You took all of this away from us with your one action. She will not be able to get out of that wheelchair for the rest of her life," he said, as Bodnar sat motionless in court. As Wronko sentenced Bodnar to 10 years in jail, one had to pinch themselves to be reminded that this was all just a simulation. But it was the farewell letters, accompanied by real coffins on the stage behind the presenters, that brought the blunt impact home for students, parents, and faculty alike. She thanked her dad, fighting back tears, for "finding all those Easter eggs she could never find.

I loved watching you grow up, and become a competent, loving and caring young woman.

I cherish all of the time we got to spend together," she said. And we will have to miss you here on Earth," she said. Today, we are planning your funeral," her father read. Who fills that hole that suddenly appeared? He concluded by reading: To Board of Education member- Pat Miller, also the parent of "victim" Stacey Miller, it didn't feel that way, however.

Just changing the music in the car can provide that moment of distraction, and that could change everything," she said.


Miller said she had seen a taped segment of an "Every 15 Minutes" program done at a high school in Easton, Pa. I didn't expect it to be this intense," she said.

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That chosen student, she said, left class, had white make-up applied to their face, along with a black tee-shirt, and later returned, unable to speak with any of their classmates for the rest of the day. She stayed in school," Miller said. One of the toughest parts, she said, was writing the letter to her daughter, detailing things she wished she had told her.

Those kids got up in front of that large group of their peers and read those letters, and I just admired them so much for being able to do that," Miller said.

I Died Today

She also thanked all of Roxbury's police, fire and first aiders who all worked together, creating a realistic, but frightening scenario. High School Principal Jeffrey Swanson said Feeney brought the idea to him previously, but he said he was hesitant. Swanson said that each Labor Day, he says a prayer hoping that the life of a single high school student is not lost that new school year. Feeney comes to me and said I should manufacture the loss of not just one kid, but several. I had trouble with that concept at first," he said. But, the goal is to deepen the impact, and make it personal.

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Hi group this is a hard read but if it saves just one puppy or kitty it will be worth it ….. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It's tough," he said. No new CVS location needed in Chester; contact officials. I didn't know what it was but it was leather and it was on the floor I was just playing You forgot to get puppy toys Would I still be at home if I had been housebroken? July 28, at 1: Dear Mom and Dad I died today.

I think there ought to be some sort of required class in life on "How to Have a Heart"!! This is just too sad…I've adopted many puppies.. It breaks my heart when I read this kind of thing. If you're not ready for the responsibility of a puppy…don't get one. They're not stuffed toys. Hi group this is a hard read but if it saves just one puppy or kitty it will be worth it ….. Every person who surrenders their pet to a shelter should be given a copy of this letter.

Most people still believe their pet will get a new home and be OK. They are so stupid and need to be hit hard with the reality of what will probably happen! They are free of their burden which they chose to get in the first place and now the pet pays the final price! I hope this letter can be circulated widely. It needs to be read by so many!! Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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