Präludium, No. 9 from Ten Pieces for Organ, Op. 69

Präludium, No. 9 from "Ten Pieces for Organ", Op. 69 Sheet Music by Max Reger

Munich years also saw Reger's marriage to Elsa von Berken, and additions to the household in the shape of two adopted daughters, Lotti and Christa, to whom the composer was tirelessly devoted. Max Reger's appointment to professor of composition and director of music at the University of Leipzig in brought confirmation of his position as a composer of significance, a distinguished conductor and performer, as well as a teacher and academic of outstanding intellectual gifts.

Leipzig, however, had not been the first city to accord him academic honours; had brought an honorary doctorate from Jena University, and Reger marked the occasion with one of his finest works, the monumental setting of Psalm , Op That Reger's organ works gained rapid recognition was due in no small part to the pioneering advocacy of Germany's most celebrated organist at the turn of the century, Karl Straube , the composer's exact contemporary and one of his most robust supporters.

Straube, Leipzig's Thomaskantor from unti, gave the first performances of many of Reger's organ works, and of several of the finest of them, including the Fantasia, Op 27 and the Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue, Op , which were dedicated to him.

REGER: Organ Pieces, Op. 69 / Preludes and Fugues, Op. 85 Classical Naxos

He conducted the legendary Meiningen Court Orchestra until its dissolution following the Duke's death in Reger spent his remaining years in Jena, where he was able to renew his interest in writing for the organ. Here he wrote a series of works including.

Max Reger died on 10th May of congestive heart failure, having returned from a concert tour only the previous day. Several pieces from the set, published in Leipzig in in two volumes, were 'recorded' by Reger himself, using the newly developed Welte-Mignon player organ system. Gwilym Beechey's authoritative account suggests, the individual pieces are conceived on a more lavish scale than those of the Opp 59 and 65 sets, and several were clearly intended to be performed in tandem; these include the Prelude and Fugue in E minor Nos.

The D major Fugue offers a striking theme worked out using stretto and inversion techniques, whilst the last piece in the set, the Fugue in A minor , displays a certain kinship with the B flat minor Fugue of the second book of Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues.

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Reger's fugue, based on the principles of the seventeenth century Ricercar , is in five parts, with no secondary fugal subject, and a modestly proportioned final stretto. The remaining pieces are of varied origin and idiom, and include a delightful Moment Musical in D major, No 4 , and an eloquent Romanze in G minor, No 8.

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Gedike Study in G major 20 little pieces for piano Dance no. The customer service and support are amazing and extremely fast- first rate all the way. Reger assigned opus numbers to major works himself. Ukrainian Echoes A Sad Song. Album of Easy Pieces Waltz no. Lindner's kindly, but discriminating and musically enlightened tutelage introduced the young Reger, who, with his father's help, had already rebuilt a discarded organ at home, to the works of the Viennese classical masters and, most important, to the defining influence of Bach, whom Reger would continue to idolize throughout his career.

The Four Preludes and Fugues, Op 85 , of which the first three are included on this recording, date from Reger's works with an opus number are listed first, then works designated as WoO work without opus number. Details to compositions follow, such as song titles and names of poets for a collection of songs.

Präludium, No. 1 from "Ten Pieces for Organ", Op. 69 Sheet Music by Max Reger

The scoring is given if it cannot be recognized from the title or the genre: When the opus number provides a link, it leads to more details about a work, such as the titles, markings and keys of its parts. The last column provides two link for reference, when available: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Präludium, No. 9 from "Ten Pieces for Organ", Op. 69 - Kindle edition by Max Reger. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . 9 from "Ten Pieces for Organ", Op. 69 Sheet Music by Max Reger. Präludium, No. 9 from "Ten Pieces for Organ", Op. 69 Sheet Music is Scored for Organ Solo.

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10 Stücke, Op.69 (Reger, Max)

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REGER: Organ Pieces, Op. 69 / Preludes and Fugues, Op. 85

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