Roseflower Creek

A surprising tribute to our ability to heal and love in the most difficult circumstances. Roseflower Creek will stay with you long past its final page. I will remember Lori Jean for a long time and her outlook on life and forgiveness. This character is a keeper and she will be in my heart along with Ellen Foster, Emma, Lily, and many other children that endear themselves to me through their creators. You won't want to put it down. The spirit of protagonist Lori Jean transcends the tragic boundaries of her life It gripped my heart and like a small angel flying close to my soul left a mark like no other story has ever done.

The characters haunt the reader long after the last page is turned. Told from the viewpoint of a year-old girl who has been beaten to death by her stepfather, this story details the disintegration of a poor Southern family and the inability or unwillingness of the community to help. No real surprises here. There are many sad things in this book and many disturbing things No matter what is going on with Lori Jean, she has such an innocent outlook that reminds you of just how innocent our children are.

You ask yourself as you are reading, if I was in this situation, could I sincerely feel this way or has growing up tainted me? Some how, Lori Jean gets through the loss of her unborn brother that they buried, her MeeMaw, her best friend Carolee as well as a few others and all before she's 10! She's teased relentlessly at school, she is from a poor family, she's an abused child Even after her death, her words beg us to forgive her step-father who abused her and her mother and in the end, killed her in a drunken rage.

All Lori Jean wanted was a family. A real, loving family. She thought good of everyone and no matter how poor she was, she wanted to always help others and even saved her dimes and pennies to donate to the 'March Of Dimers" and "Penniers". Such a sweet girl that you can not help but to embrace her and FEEL her story. The end of the book did surprise me a little, but I won't ruin it for those of you who have not read it yet. The author has a way of writing in an innocent child like manner that makes you believe you are being talked to directly by the young girl from the south.

I thought the writing style would get to me and be irritating, but it did just the opposite, it sucked me into the story even further. It is hard to read some of the scenes, but I think the graphic descriptions are needed to set the frame of the story and to remind you that this stuff really DOES happen in real life sometimes. The religious undertone that I've read some complain about was pretty non-existant for me. I mean yes, it talks about her going to church, she talks to God I didn't get the feeling God was overly brought in - just that it was part of HER and her family's story.

And if you really think about it, back in , didn't most families attend SOME kind of church on Sunday? It's very sad to think of how many "Lori Jean"'s there are out in our world that have been through these situations. And it also makes you grateful that it's not the 's where the mentality was 'it's not my business'. Whereas there are still a lot of those cases, there are many more that have been recognized, stopped and the children have lived Abandoned by her father when she was just five years old, Lori Jean's world consists of a weak-willed mother and an alcoholic stepfather who can't keep a steady job.

Yet Lori Jean is filled with the curiosity and hope common to all children. When Lori Jean uncovers her "The morning I died it rained. When Lori Jean uncovers her stepfather's secret, everything spins out of control and she pays the ultimate price for what she knows. But through this heart-wrenching story comes surprising tribute to the human heart's ability to heal and love despite the most difficult circumstances. My Review - This book was incredibly long and it didn't even get good until like the last 25 to 50 pages of the book.

Most of the rest was just filler and stuff that didn't even matter to the plot. I admittedly skipped chapters here and there just because it wasn't anything to do with the big picture. When I go to the last chapter I was like oh my gosh it continues.

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Roseflower Creek has ratings and reviews. Kristen said: Roseflower Creek by Jackie Lee Miles was offered for free for the Kindle on Amazon, so I. "Roseflower Creek is a compelling, fast-paced narrative that captivates from the first page to the last. It is beautifully written and sensitively told. Don't miss it!".

And when I finally finished there was a sigh of relief. I also didn't like how since the person was from the south they didn't know how to speak correctly. I'm from the south and majority of the time I speak correctly. It was an insult to the south. Sorry, just didn't care for this book but stuck with it.

Still only gets one star. The book is narrated by year-old Lori Jean, who from the beginning, is deceased. Lori Jean takes the reader through her young life, specifically her last two years on Earth before reaching the end of her story. Miles has crafted a beautiful novel based on some dreadful events in a manner that is engaging and not too depressing, in part due to all of the kindnesses Lori Jean receives.

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The characters are described in full detail, flaws and all, some more flawed than others, and many questions that beg to be answered or explained. One cannot help but love Lori Jean and her best friend Carolee. The tragic events are balanced with happy events, maybe not what everyone would view as happy, but for the lives of Lori Jean, Nadine, Ray, Melvin, and Lexie there were happy times. Roseflower Creek is an exceptional book that I would, without reservation, recommend to anyone and I would definitely recommend to discussion groups as Roseflower Creek offers the reader a lot to debate.

Jan 19, Cherrybomb rated it liked it Shelves: I'll admit that this book hooked me from the first sentence. A sentence, as it turns out, that the author borrowed from a real life event. It's too sad to think about that these kind of things happen in real life. As engaging as it was, I only gave it three stars because the whole story left me with a sick feeling. Too much bad and not enough good. I was also very annoyed at the way the abuser's actions were excused by his violent past. I don't think this was intentional. I believe the author was I'll admit that this book hooked me from the first sentence.

I believe the author was trying to make points about the value of forgiveness and the effects of child abuse on future generations. Even so, I found myself angry at the justifications. I also thought it was too unbelievable that a 10 year old could grasp these difficult concepts. Feb 01, Polly Gill rated it liked it. This was a difficult book to rate, let alone, read. It was dark, disturbing, and yet, poignant. The story begins with the death of the main character.

Miles took some poetic license, as she uses flashback liberally and even allows the dead character to resume the story. The main character is Lori Jean, a 9 year old poor, white girl growing up in the South during the 's. She dreams like all children, but her biggest dream is simply to have a normal family life, but tragedy is abundant.

The po This was a difficult book to rate, let alone, read. The point of view is through the eyes of Lori Jean. At times, her viewpoint is humorous, but sadness overshadows the few, light moments. A disturbing novel, but certainly worth considering. This would be a good choice for a reading group. May 24, Cassie rated it it was amazing. I gave this book 5 stars because it definitely deserved more than I liked the author's second book, Cold Rock River, a tiny bit better. But with that said, this book was excellent and I really did love it.

The book is narrated by a 10 year old girl and the narration is so sweet and innocent and at times downright comical. Her narration helps lighten the dark theme of abuse that runs through the book.

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I can't wait to read more from this author. Too bad she I gave this book 5 stars because it definitely deserved more than Too bad she only has two books out and now I've read them both! I wanted to like this book. It is written from the voice of a 10 year old who is dead. I just could not get into the book.

I understand that the characters live in the south, they are poor and probably not educated. I just do not enjoying reading books that have poor grammar and English. I comprehend it is their voice it is just not the voice for me. Aside from not enjoying the voice, I found the flow of the book to be unbelievably slow.

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Another book that I "bought" as a free title for my Kindle back in January. It was an easy, quick enough read and it wasn't a bad novel, really--just so basic that it reminded me of something I could have written in college a perception that was aided by the fact that I wrote a short story for a writing class in college that had several similarities to this novel.

Oct 13, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. I love this book! I picked it up at the library on a whim. You will instantly fall in love with Lori Jean. It is a very powerful, wonderful novel. Jul 06, Sue rated it really liked it. Poured down so hard it washed the blood right off my face.

Lori Jean recounts the events that led to this day and even though I knew what was coming, I wished for her dream of a normal, loving family to come true. It made me cry, laugh, hope, and believe. I read it in one sitting, and even after I closed the book, the main character, Lori Jean stayed with me. Jackie Lee Miles is a gifted writer. From the first lines, I was captivated. The only thing she remembers of her dad is the dust his truck raises as he's driving away. She is raised by her grandma and her mom, and she's just devastated when her grandma passes away.

But when she does, her mom wastes no time is marrying Ray. Grandma told Lori Jean that Ray was no good, but her mom doesn't listen. Ray makes her happy, except when he's beating on her. Lori Jean is poor, but she doesn't let it bother her much. She and her best friend Carolee spend their time making mud cookies down at Roseflower creek and talking to their invisible friend.

Carolee's dad wants to help out Lori Jean's family when Ray loses his job at the mill, so he and other's from town give him odd jobs so he can put food on the table. But when Ray keeps the money instead of putting new parts in a tractor he was supposed to fix, all goes downhill from there. That tractor ran over and killed Carolee, and Lori Jean is just heartbroken.

Then, Ray decides to steal the payroll from the mill, but Lori Jean finds it, and she is bound and determined to return that money so she hides it away from Ray. But when he finds out about it, it's a real tragedy for Lori Jean. All she wanted was a real family, maybe one of those Chevrolet cars like she saw on TV, and a birthday party.

But what transpires is heartbreaking. Lori Jean hardly ever complains, she see's life in a simple way. And it makes no sense to her when folks do what they shouldn't. She's very forgiving and always wants to do what is right. Roseflower Creek is haunting, memorable, inspirational, and uplifting. God has a reason for everything, and Lori Jean does her darndest to figure out why some things that are bad happen.

Definitely a keeper for me! Jul 19, J rated it liked it Shelves: Poured down so hard ti washed the blood off my face". Thus begins the story of Lori Jean, whose short life and death are woven into this poignant, heart-wrenching novel set in the rural South of the s. Told from the point of view of ten-year-old Lori Jean, a sensitive dreamer of a child who longs for a "normal" family, "Roseflower Creek" is raw with the emotions of a child burdened by the harshness of her life. Abandoned by her father when she was five years old, her world consists of a weak-willed mother who fails to protect her and an abusive, alcoholic stepfather who can't-or won't-keep a steady job.

Yet Lori Jean is filled with the curiousity and hope common to all children. After Lori Jean's stepfather, Ray, begins attending AA meetings, he seems like a changed man, and Lori Jean begins to think that finally she and her mama are going to experience son long-overdue happiness-to be a real family. But tragedy strikes anew, and unable to cope, Ray returns to the bottle and to his shiftless ways. Fired from his job at the cotton mill, he resorts to stealing, and when Lori Jean uncovers his secret, things begin to spiral out of control.

Unable to keep silent, Lori Jean pays the ultimate price for what she knows.

Booking Mama: Review: Roseflower Creek

Poignant and bittersweet, "Roseflower Creek" is a story of the loss of innocence. Told with an honesty and authenticity that only a child narrator could achieve, it is a remarkable first novel that will move readers with profound emotions and haunt them long after the last paragraph had been read. This is a bit like Lovely Bones, in that it's narrated by a dead girl, but with less emphasis on what happens to the family after the death. But the girl is alive for much of the story in this case, so it's easier to accept.

The death is mentioned at the beginning, but it serves to provide the suspense since most of the book build Free Kindle download. The death is mentioned at the beginning, but it serves to provide the suspense since most of the book builds up to it, and the death isn't actually described in much detail until it comes up towards the end. The girl is very young white trash, so the colloquial voice of the narration takes some getting used to before you settle into the story. Her character is angelic, but a little too angelic, too forgiving and too loving. She berates herself for not being understanding when she actually sees after her death what it was that Ray went through in his childhood, but even before that she was already more understanding than most people.

She never really seems to hate or resent Ray, and she remains ever hopeful that they can be a family. I would have had an easier time accepting a child who at least part of the time resented and hated Ray for doing the things he did, as that would have been more realistic.

Roseflower Creek

Pretty good story, though. A story told by a ten year old girl that had been physically abused so badly by her step father that she died. He did feel remorse for killing her but not enough to take any responsibility as her threw her body in Roseflower Creek. This was a difficult book to read as it is full of violence and abuse.

Whilst Lori Jean's life is filled with fear and heartache her life was also touched by people who showed kindness, compassion and love. These where tough times in the 's where the world was a v A story told by a ten year old girl that had been physically abused so badly by her step father that she died. These where tough times in the 's where the world was a violent place for many children. This is a gut wrenching read full of sadness and pain through the eyes of a child.

Roseflower Creek A Novel

I particularly loved the way the author wrote the scene of a death and the pain of this poor little girl and how she coped with it. I also enjoyed reading the little thoughts that Lori Jean had about certain circumstances or people, it was amusing and she was always honest. This was a beautifully written book that touched all my emotions. As Lori Jean observes people from the afterlife she is able to see their memories.

Memories so terrible that I felt physically sick reading them but because of what she's sees she finds forgiveness in her heart and when that happens she feels lighter and peaceful. This is only a small book but it has a huge impact and I highly recommend it.

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I loved this little girl that was dealt such a bad hand and was interested in the outcome even though you know what happens in the first chapter, as it is told to you that this child is beaten to death by her stepfather. I'm going to leave it at that so as to not spoil the read. Library Locations and Hours. But tragedy strikes anew, and Ray, unable to cope, returns to the bottle and his shiftless ways. The spirit of protagonist Lori Jean transcends the tragic boundaries of her life Queen of Secrets Review: Despite all of the awful things that happened to Lori Jean in her very short life, she never lost hope.

May 17, Rhonda rated it really liked it Shelves: The story is written in the voice of 10 year old Lori Jean The book begins in a very graphic scene where it's clear to the reader that Lori Jean was beaten to death and then just left in Roseflower Creek. For the next pages, Lori Jean tells her story, including what happened on the day of her death. She also gives some details about what took place after she died -- when she was looking down at her loved ones from Heaven. Lori Jean is an absolutely wonderful ch The story is written in the voice of 10 year old Lori Jean Lori Jean is an absolutely wonderful character whose is just very, very special.

Her heart is just huge, and I guarantee that you won't be able to forget her long after you've finished reading this book. I have no idea how she turned out as well as she did, but I think she managed to have some very special people pass through her life like her grandmother, her aunt and uncle, and her best friend. No matter how bad her life was, she was always praying that the next day would bring something better to her family.

She never gave up hope! Miles managed to capture Lori Jean's voice incredibly well. I thought most of her insight into life seemed authentic and age-appropriate for a ten year old girl; and I loved how she gave Lori Jean so much wisdom.